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Hey, Wobbie, MB & SK have caught some precip, but still have a number burning. Ontario has a number of ships on, but the system moving through is providing scattered precip, and there''ll likely be a few releases. Maybe this won''t be the big year, after all. Early to tell, though.

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All was quiet on the Kenora front.  Sat on ''dead red'' for the last week.  Indicies are up, but the ''two legged'' lightning hasn''t been striking.  Few fires in the region though, thanks to a generous railroad company.



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Rain over in La biche to. 1 fire going here but with the rain there will be some releases here also. I got on 1 yesterday but the bomber group beat it up. Didnt leave us much to do. Pretty tense in the area wondering what direction the next Griffon or fighter is going to come from with maple flag going on.

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Firehawk ----- nice to hear they are playing 'nice'. They usually make bombing runs and drops on the firecrews and play 'silly buggar' with a helicopter or two. Did the bombing run 'thing' last year with the 'real McCoy', only it wasn't 'live'. It's still metal dropping on or near you, coming from something going slightly faster than a 205.

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hey guys,


good to see you out. 204, you are really hurting me with that bike talk....STOP IT!!!


decu dude! ya ya ya.....i know...........


so? what''s the latest over there? got a fever yet????






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I think decumajor has had the fever for many years but don''t tell him I said so. Ha Ha. Well buddy I should be out and about on Monday or Tuesday I will e-mail you or call you when I find out for sure.

The weather was great yesterday but it is raining cats and bow wows today. Talk to you later Amigo.

Jean really like the new pipes she can talk over them, maybe I made a mistake by taking the turn outs off. Later

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So you are in Kenora are you? Who are you flying for? I couldn''t manage to find a low time pilot job so I am working for the OMNR looking out the window of a cessna 337 looking for fires. If you are around Dryden I should run into you.


Hey 204 driver


I seen you in Dryden but never got a chance to talk to you...I met your enginner though. Anyway I have a nice picture of you taking off from Dryden...I will try to post it tomorrow on the forums.



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