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"but I still don't hanker after anything even approaching 'bus driving."



hey, isn't that what we really are? glorified taxi or bus drivers????????



we take people from point A to point B. whether it's 3 pax or 12.............


fire camp to fire, seismic camp to line, vancouver to victoria, onshore to offshore...........


ain't nothing boring about pulling people off a rig in the face of a typhoon...........




and for the record....the sky was definitely bluer when i earned my 4th stripe


:up: :up:

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Let me put it to you this way. If easing one's transition into a 2 crew cockpit is a primary goal, then make sure your own in-house standards and procedures are solid. As you develop SOPs, for instance, make sure they are practical, easily monitored AND modified (if need be) and most of all, adhered to by all crew. The reason so many Captains gain reputations for bad or domineering behavior is that the environment in which they are working allows them to be that way. It's no use having great SOPs if commanders can ignore them AND get away with it. Once all crew know they will be held accountable for their actions in the cockpit, you'd be surprised at the overall level of compliance and more importantly, standardization, you will achieve throughout your operation.


Perhaps the only thing that is more important than your company's own SOPs, are the training that is provided to pilots entering a 2 crew environment for the first time. Here is where you have a small chance of nipping potential problems in the bud. By providing a solid foundation, crew who are new to 2 crew ops will have a much greater appreciation of the very real differences they will encounter when working together with another pilot. Granted, some transition better than others, but overall, I'd say it's how your company prepares them in the beginning and the quality of the tools you provide them with once they're on the line that really determine your level of success.


Me personally, after 12+ years of 2 crew ops, quite enjoy it. There are some days, however, when single-pilot day VFR is looking real good again.


Fly safe.

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