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Conversion Question ??

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After 27 years and 16,000 hrs. in fixed wing, I think it''s time for a change. I am looking for any ''constructive'' input on your thoughts regarding converting to rotary wing. With the fixed wing time, lots and lots of IFR, what could a person expect in the way of employment? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Your IFR skills would be in demand in the EMS or offshore world, but it would be difficult to break into offshore without much helo time. EMS would certainly be an option with at least 500 hours of rotory time, but the pay would be quite low until you got into a Captain position. Depending on the base, you could get around 300 to 400 hours a year, so it''ll be some time until you''d get a return on your investment. I don''t recall what the mins are for Captaincy, but its usually written into the contract with the customer.

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