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Sorry Ryan, but anyone who is still workin the ramp after 5 years should be asking themselves some serious questions, don't encourage that path.


I agree it is a bit extreme, but I know a few guys who've waited that long to get a flying seat. Not always with the same company during the whole stretch. But it if gets you where you really want to be, 5 years isn't that long in the grand scheme of things.

I'm not trying to encourage it, but it's a fact of life for many waiting for their big break.

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as long as you're a youngin' 5 years isn't that long. but still 5 years can be long enough no matter how you look at it.

regardless, if you choose the 5 year option, hopefully you're keeping current as well as pounding the pavement constantly. if you're doing that for a year, good effort. 2nd year, hanging tough, builds good character and appreciation. into your third year, better be looking to improve your game. 4th year, better double up. 5th year, if you're still having no luck, might as well settle in to your career as a rampie, you may not be right for the industry, but don't give up of course, just re-evaluate.

And by all means, if you're in that 5 year rampie option, don't swallow the carrot the employer keeps dangling.

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I have on one occasion had my girlfriend( at the time) with me at a logging camp for the weekend. Thin walls make for interesting looks in the cookshack :up:

It's amazing how nice and well spoken Fallers can be at times!


Apart from that, Base work is usually when you can have a spouse or whatever with you at work visiting or going for the odd ride.


Just my experience. Of course one would be wise to stay single in this business at least for the first while, apart from that, there is always good potential at ski lodges, tree planting(?), Fishing lodges etc... Girl in every port so to speak

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