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Ok Orange Hat


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I thought I would use "Helicopter Operations" forum because,as I have read, some of you were employed by OK and might know where to direct me.


Here's the deal...Our family vactioned every summer in Summerland, to visit our Nana and Grandpa. Our Grandpa Joe gave him an Okanagan Helicopters cap which my brother cherished like no other hat. He had the hat for about 20 years. He lost it about two years back and still mourns the loss. He is so nostalgic and I think the hat reminded him of the Okanagan and our family summers spent there.


I hope that you can let me know where, and if, I can still buy one.


Thanks, Joni

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There seems to be enough demand for the things taht if some enterprising former OKH employee who still has a hat in good condition could probably make a small fortune by having a batch made and selling them online... (hint - hint, nudge - nudge, know what I mean ?... ;) )...

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Does CHC already license or merchandise any of their logo wear for purchase by the general public? I'm guessing probably not; but if they did, the corporation might be more accommodating with a request for reproduction "nostalgic wear." Deciding factors---as with most corporations---could include whether demand would justify it, how it may or may not positively impact the bottom line and what any benefits there might be from reproducing product with logos and emblems from former (historic) acquisitions and mergers. Waaaaay more than anyone wants to know on that stuff, I'm sure. :D


I have a couple officially licensed Air America patches; they look darned authentic. If the CIA :blink: can grant someone reproduction permission, perhaps CHC might consider it.


Anyhoo, don't lose all hope, Joni. As I have discovered, you just never know when and/or where something might just "pop up" out of the blue! :)

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The chances of CHC licensing or otherwise resurrecting(sp?) anything orange are exactly ZERO!


The corporate office is very adamant about spreading the current "brand" worldwide.


Think, Nike, Coke, etc. Bringing back the past is not an option.

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Ummmmmm, Big Red Doggy Dog...I was really speaking about corporate licensing of logo wear in general. But based on CHC's departure from "the old" in their new logo, "nostalgia wear" probably doesn't fit into their current gameplan and I believe you are 100% accurate. :)


See Joni: There's a lot of "white hat" guys around here. ;)

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TQN, CHC has no new logo. CHC is still red white and blue with a red huimmingbird, just like always.


Perhaps you are referring to CHL, a privatly traded company in Canada, with "0" affiiiations to CHC....AKA the "Boomerang"


REDDOG is correct, CHC would never produce OK Hats, but the question is...would they have an issue with another company doing it ? ? ? ?

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