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Yes, Sir! 'Twas a lovely wallop first time around! Methinks I remember the gist of it now. *#&%#* Arrrrrrr! But don't you be laughin' and you just keep that 'lil John Deere handy: what blows around, comes around! ;):P (BTW, Mustangs suck in snow, snow brushes don't belong on top of the freezer in the garage this time of year and it is possible to get sunburned one day and shovel the next! Woulda thunk?!) :D)



To stay on topic...I'm still looking for an early (circa 1970-1972) orange Okanagan hummingbird logo. Don't want a cap, just want to see what the logo looks like. 407D was going to draw his rendition of it (ha!) at one time, but I'd really like to see a picture or scan if possible. :)

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Oh, that's too bad that you edited the photo, Rotorhead. :) This crowd doesn't scare that easy...you should know that by now! But I am wondering the age of that logo or the cap it's on. Any ideas? I'm guessing its from the mid to late 1980s (or possibly early 1990s if Okanagan was still its own entity at that time), yes? Just curious to know how much the logo had changed from the early 1970s (which I'm still looking for, btw). ;)

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