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Cessna 150/152 question

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Just a question,

The Cessna 150M Has a stall speed of 42kts with flaps fully deflected at 40 degrees in standard conditions, where the Cessna 152 has a stall speed of 37kts with flaps deflected full at 30 degrees(in standard conditions). Does anyone know why this is.


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It''s probably something to do with the wing design. I think the 152 had a more "modern" Cessna wing with a different shape. The wing had more "washout" to improve slow speed handling, there were also slightly different cuffs on the wing ends to improve performance.


How''s that for a guess?



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Thank you for the reply SD,

Is it possible for the wing tips to decrease the stall speed that much?, especially with 10 degrees less flap. Im pretty sure the wing on both planes is a NACA 2412.

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It''s been a while RB, but are you sure the wings are the same? I can remember the 150''s wings being much thicker along the chord. As far as I can remember the 152''s looked much more like the 206''s newer wing (yes they changed the wing on the 206 between 1964 and 1974, I can''t remember when). The flap area may also have been increased, check the flap lengths on both machines and see if there''s any difference. Also check to see if there''s any differences on the tail. If they change the wing design, they will have to improve the tail to offset the new forces.



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