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Diamond Drills

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Hi guys. A couple of months ago I was working for an outfit in Ethiopia moving diamond drills on the banks of the Blue Nile (what a job I'll tell ya). I just received an email from the guy that was running the job. They want to buy a Longyear Super 38 core drill and have asked my help to source one.


What is the difference between a Super and a regular 38? I have tried a Google search to see if I could find one for sale for them but no luck so far. What would an equivalent drill be? I have flown about ten different brands and models but I don't really know the drilling specs... just the fly away weights... Soooo, I thought I'd ask the experts... and here I am... could somebody help me out?





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:) The last Super 38 i moved was in the Sierra Madres, Mexico in 95. Used a 530F for the job. Count on no less that 1350 lbs for the lightest pick (engine), the heaviest was the mast at 1670lbs. The 530F barely managed to do the job at a D/A of 7,000'....had to strip the airframe as much as possible, including removal of the battery after start. I believe if memory serves me correctly a total of 4 picks for the drill.
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Give me a day or so, will see if i can scan some photos and send to you. Spent lots of time over 38's with Longyear (which are now Boart).


There are/were two types, we had FLY 38 and Super 38, the Super was heavier if I remember correctly. The Fly was easly moved with a 206L heaviest peice comming in as around 1400lbs, and that was the engine.


One thing to remember alot of these drills get modified to **** by the respective drilling companies. Helilog56 says the towers they were pulling were near 1700lbs, we rarely saw a tower over 1200. Again just different drilling companies. I have seen two Fly38's in the same grid both with totally different weights..........or as they say........DRILLOGRAMS!!!!!


Having worked with alot of different types and models also probably the best and fastest too fly would be one called the Falcon 2000. If they are still around i beleive they were based outs Calgary, Falcon Drilling.


see if i can round up some snaps for ya.

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Guest Bullet Remington



I have relatives who own a company suppling, resharpening and plasma coating drill. PM me with you e mail, if ya want and I see what I can round up for ya.



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The L38 is an older Longyear drill. The newer equivalnt would be an LCF 70. The heaviest pick is 1170, unless you get one that has the CAT engine and then which is over 1350, most of them dont. The next bigger one is the LCF 90 which can be moved easliy with a b2 astar, heavist piece is 2250 or so.


Here is a LCF 70




HV check your PM's



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