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Ferry Flights


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I doubt thats gonna happen Ryan. Operators would be inundated with calls every time... :o


If you want to do ferry flights, best be hangin' around the hangar. I was hanging around the hangar last week when I was offered the priveledge of taking an 11 hour bus ride to pick up an Astar in Orillia this past Saturday. Result: 3.1 more hours in the ol' logbook... :up:


Ferry flights are such low priority activities they're rarely thought out much in advance. When the time comes, the CP or Ops Mgr looks out upon the denizens of the hangar, points and sez "YOU ! You busy right now ? Drop the broom and head for the bus station". :lol:

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Most of the time when I've done them it's been part of crisis management and they are on Plan D or E. Usually they needed the machine there yesterday so no time to waste.


Not too likely anyone will let you strap one to your back without having at least done their company indoctrination and a whole bunch of written tests and some hands on training that is on record.


You might have better luck if you know the right ppl to just fly dual. You might be stuck paying your own way there or back though but at least you're not paying for the aircraft.


Good luck,


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More than a few times in the past when embarking on a long flight from the hangar to a distant job I have thought that it would be a good opportunity for a low timer to go for a ride. Would be nice to have someone to keep me awake on the long hauls, and if the duals are in maybe a bit of stick time for the person.


They would have to pay their own return trip of course.....but I know that when I was sittin at 100hrs in an R-22 I would have leaped at the opportunity to go cross country in pretty much anything!!


So next time I go any significant distance with an empty front seat, I will make a post....



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my boss offers 35hrs of X/C PIC time at $200.00p/hr when he brings a new machine back from new york............


a time builder for those interested. www.bchelicopters.com


he is at the factory now picking up the 1000th schweizer 300 built! :up:


DMNH, i know what you mean. all those mediums heading east (or west) across the country (YXX to YWG is 12 hours +/-) would be a good opportunity........

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my boss offers 35hrs of X/C PIC time at $250.00p/hr when he brings a new machine back from new york............


412, let me borrow your avitar for this post <_<


i ***-U-ME that PIC time means the person paying 250.00/hr is already a licenced pilot ---- why would this seem OK to have somebody PAY to fly just because it is a school ??


wouldn't everybody cry foul if a non-teaching helicopter company asked somebody to do this for FREE let alone PAY for it ??


what about all of the self-worth-as-a-pilot posts that have been tossed about lately ??


remove the assume, and if they are still student pilots, then you can have your avitar back, and my apologies :up:

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It is common practice for companies to fill an empty seat on ferries with a warm body either willing to do it for free or even pay for the priviledge. Moral issues aside, low-time pilots have to find ways to build hours. Like it or not, there is a market out there for this.


Lets face it, unfortunately, not many companies are willing to trust a low-timer to ferry a million-dollar aircraft on his/her own. They have to pay a "regular" pilot, and (if they're good guys), what the heck, bring a low-timer along so he can get time, or (if they're not such good guys), what the heck, sell the hours if someone's willing to pay.


As far as BC Heli's 250/hr deal, I find that's pretty steep, especially since the buyer has to pay his way to Elmira and pay for a couple nights of lodging. I've seen prices for turbine ferries (206 and Astar) in the 150-175 range...

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ok kids settle down!!!!


here's the deal, if we put it in a truck or have someone fly it back (at $200.00p/hr) it works out about the same. we didn't find anyone that wanted to fly this one so it will come home in a truck with zero hours flown as opposed to one that has been ferried with 35 hours on it!


i think the trucking is about $8000.00 bucks BUT I MAY BE WRONG AS THAT IS NOT MY DEPARTMENT! i only pass on what we have available.


so it doesn't really matter if it gets here by truck or ferried to us


considering that the rates are around $450.00 p/hr these days and climbing.....

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