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Herman Nelson

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You need the NDB to check the glide path hieght after your intercept the slope inbound, If the NDB was gone you could use the overlying GPS (if you had an approach certified GPS) to verify station passage and compare it to the altimiter.


So I guess my response is "depends"


On that note, if the ILS then fails, you may need your Depends.





quote name='Herman Nelson' date='Oct 13 2005, 07:37 PM' post='42775']

For those of you who are IFR literate. Allow me to pick your brains, I couldn’t find a definite answer for this one.


When on a full procedure ILS that has an NDB as a marker, if the NDB was to fail while you’re let say beacon outbound for a procedure turn, can you continue the ILS approach?

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If you need the NDB to complete the PT, you can't do a full procedure. If you can do the PT on another navaid - VOR/DME, GPS, then you can carry on. If you can do that, then there should be DME and/or GPS fix for a FAF/GP check altitude. If the NDB is the only way to do the PT, then you have to navigate your way to the IF by other means - GPS, Vectors, etc, and have a way of identifying the FAF - GPS, DME, cross bearing, etc.


Hope this helps.

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NDB failure...


One CAN continue the ILS with the actual NDB u/s. However, you must use an alternate means to reference where the NDB is (GPS in lieu of NDB, a DME fix if co-located with the NDB, request vectors to final...).


Also, GPS can be used for primary navigation, if certified enroute and or approach. However, that's a whole other set of requirements.


Good question dude!



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"If the NDB fails while you are flying it outbound, continue outbound on the LOC, do your procedure turn, re-intercept the LOC inbound, then Bob's your uncle"




well except i ain't got a uncle bob :shock:


:punk: :up: :punk: :up: :punk:

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Is GPS allowed to be used as a PRIMARY means of navigation ?


Yes, as long as it is an "approved" GPS, TSO129.


All the lads above a correct, beacon fails, continue on.


Good airmanship also dictates that you inform the controller or tower of the failure of the NAVAID immediately if at all possible. This way he/she will be able to confirm the status of the NAVAID, if the AID has not failed then you should be having a really good look at your systems for problems.

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