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Bcfs Moutain Course.


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I have just completed my CPL(H) and am thinking of doing the 22Hr BCFS Moutain Course, but have been given mixed views on it.


Being a new low time pilot would it make a difference if I had it now or not?





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Considering that you are a new pilot (congratulations), a couple points to ponder:


1. What gives you the edge over the other low time pilot that walks through the door?


2. Should you wish to one day fly for BC Forestry, it is mandatory.


As to where to train? If the school that trained you offers the course I would take it there. (familiarity ect)


My humble opinion.

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The a mountain course of any sort is always a plus to anyone's license. With 100 hours under the belt, the course may be a little overwhelming! Mtn flying courses are made up from understanding winds, weather, precision flying, and performance from your aircraft at higher elevations. You as the trainee pilot on these courses have to perform, and know how to 'fly' and understand your aircraft!You will not likely be flying any gov't forestry personal around until around the 600 PIC hour mark anyways! These courses can cost you big dollars with no guarentee's!!! If you have the money and confidence, go for it! But you may want to reconsider until later!!!!

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Zebo, way to go on the new ticket, I agree with T-rex its very costly and does demand a level of skills that most new pilots don't have. I say this becuase I was in the same boat as you, I opted to not do the course and went north, got a job, and got good time and learnt some of the basics. This in my opinion is the better way to go because the mountains are very overwhelming. If your still learning to fly the aircraft well then adding all the other stresses of mountains will be an overload. But this is only my 2 cents, go with your gut and good luck.







Fly safe MH

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Very well said.


All this speciality training is somewhat a waste of money. (I am being a bit of a hipocrit here, as I beleive ALL training is very valuable). for low timers. A guy/ girl needs a least a little experience before spending this kinda coin. Then again, I am sure Zebo feels that this may help him gain the edge on getting the 1st bit of experience.



What am I trying to say here...........I need anothert tin & gonic. :groove:

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I'm in that boat now and have thought about going for the BCFS course too. I was advised by many members here that it'd probably be money better spent donig circuits and practicing the skills I have already. You're probably thinking the same thing I did..."Circuits? Barf!"

But after some thought it seemed to be the better answer, for me at least. After getting your licence and not flying everyday we rookies get rusty very fast, and nothing gets the rust off better than circuits and hovering exercises.


Also, there is always the chance that after you do the mountain course you may find your first flying job out in the flat lands of Alberta or Saskatchewan.


Like mtnhopper says, go with your gut amigo!

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Don't kid yourself Ryan, the knowledge and techniques that one learns on the Mountain course can be applied everywhere.


For example, you wouldn't expect to use your mountain techniques flying offshore would you, but the approach and landing on an offshore rig or platform is, for all intents and purposes, the same as a pinnacle approach in the mountains.

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