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Not another newbie question...

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Does having a turbine rating really matter all that much for the rookie low timer?

If you were looking to hire a low time pilot and had one applicant with a turbine rating, one without, and they had the same PIC hours...would the turbine rating make the difference?

Since I aim to fly EMS (many moons from now) should I try and get my night rating ASAP to get it out of the way, or hold off untill I''m closer to my goal?

Also, since my first job will probably be on the ramp, would you advise I get my Industrial First Aid to go along with my WHMIS and LPG certs?

Thanks again for your input gang!

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one can never have enough training.......


i would say yes, it''s better to have the rating. the competition is fierce out there for you new guys and anything that puts you a step ahead of the next guy will help. i remember one guy from my class that walked into a hangar on a roadtrip and the guy asked if he had the rating. he did and a quick ppc later that guy was on a fire because all the other guys were timex''d. but then again, probably 98%(?) of the pilots out there started with 100 hours of 47 or 22 or 300 time with the new employer giving them what they needed............


it''s a tough call and only yours to make. good luck!






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