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Chl Ems Pilots Certified

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hmmmmm.......................... <_<



my grandpappy always said: be careful what you wish for, you may get it!



sorry boys and girls. i am too anti-union to throw any congrats your way. i have always been free enterprise. i do it MY way, not what some union tells me to do.


that being said,here's a challenge: i challenge one of the current ems pilots to post the current salaries for captain and co-pilot along with benefits ect at the current time. THEN, post the same in one year or when you get a new contract whichever comes first.


i'm sure we all would be interested in the outcome.................

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i understand that DW, but here's a chance for all to see whether or not this union thing really is the "holy grail"............


here's a chance to get it right from the start. to publish the numbers for ALL to see. hey, if it proves me wrong so be it. at least i'm willing to go that far.......


it isn't a debate anymore. they have organized. so now let's see all the numbers so that we can all see if it really was worth it........



that is....unless they are afraid................

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Only two reasons that motivate employees to unionize:


1-The emplyees are lazy spoiled brats who don't appreciate what they have.


2-The employer treats the emplyees like crap, forcing them to organize and demand fair treatment.


Either way, unions are there for reasons that shouldn't be.

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The major reason people signed OPEIU cards is for reason #2 of the previous post. We're fed up and are standing up for our rights to be treated with respect and be compensated in accordance with the Federal Labour Code, not according to the whims of a couple of senior managers..


Nothing is a "Holy Grail" but now there is strength in numbers and convictions and at least we can work to improve our system. If anyone thinks the union support was barely enough for certification, ask any of our pilots. The support is in excess of 85%.

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Rock on guys, great news that it has finally happened. I too am anti union, however in this instance, it's been alooong time coming and had the powers that be pulled their collective heads out of their ***** and realised that the EMS folks were serious, they may have been able to avert such an action, however come to think of it....I doubt it! I hope that it works in favour of you long suffering EMS drivers, god knows you guys deserve it.

I remember the days of trying to garner any sense from the ******* and ****** flying circus well. Words from a song from that great 90's band, Guns n' Roses ring true......"What we've got here, is a failure to communicate, some men you just can't reach". :up:

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