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Far West 206 Crash At Stave Lake


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On the topic of training...


Do an of us receive adequate training for many of the tasks we are to perform in this industry???


Long lining, winter ops, float work... just about everything we do has been learned by trial and error or practise.


I feel many companies do not offer adequate training for newer pilots, ****, even more seasoned pilots about to do something new. Too often the response is; "You'll figure it out."


And to be fair to the operators, training really should begin with the schools.

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Why don't all of you show the pilot, the maintenance crew and the operator some respect and keep your stupid comments to yourselves until a formal FACT FINDING investigation has been concluded, however long that may take.


I said this before in the other thread and it applies here as well to all of you passing judgement on the pilot and/or the operator.

Some of you people lack a #### load of class!!!!!

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