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New Chinese Helicopter

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"I have often wondered, do designers ever talk to pilots when they are designing a helicopter ??"


Yes, they most certainly do.


They ask you things like........


Would you like comfortable seats?


Would you like alot of ventilation for the summers?


Would you lke a really good heater for the winter?


Would you prefer to read all your gauges without have to contort your body in wierd ways?


Would you like door closure system to work easily, so your customers do not have to try to destroy the aircraft daily?


So with all the above answered with a big YES from the pilot they head back to their engineering departments and do everything just the @#$%ing opposite :rant:


:up: :up:

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Strange how the article states that there are 4000 of these Z11L things flying all over the world, yet none of us here have ever seen the thing. Perhaps they meant 4000 Astars. :rolleyes:



no no no


They mean there are

Currently, 4,000 helicopters are operated for police purposes worldwide, only 17 of which are in China. In 2001, China began to use helicopters for police. It is predicted that in the coming three years, the number of helicopters serving Chinese police will reach more than 30.


Not these new copies of the ASTAR

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The PRC has also succeeded in reverse-engineering military hardware acquired from the United States and other countries, thereby defraying the high cost of weapons development. For example:
During the 1980s and 1990s, the PRC is presumed to have diverted U.S. military technology through civilian programs. In 1983, the PRC is presumed to have exploited the CFM-56 jet engine technology from a civilian program. The CFM-56 contains the same core section as the engine used in the B-1B bomber.


The PRC developed its Z-11 helicopter by reverse-engineering the French Aerospatiale AS-350 Ecureuil helicopter.124





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Interesting stuff, Iceman. I suppose there's some premise implied that there's something wrong with the PRC's purported actions (setting aside such legalities as may occasionally apply), actions that are no different (particularly the 'reverse-engineering') than those perpetrated by such countries as France, Italy, Russia and, of course, the good old US&A. But perhaps the question is moot, considering what appears to be the 'given' that the PRC is a fearful dragon preparing to devour us all, and it's not a matter of protecting our business but, rather, our a$$es. It doesn't really matter if there's really anything lurking in the shadows, does it? If we think we see it, we'll act accordingly and, if necessary, atone later. Such is the history of man - over and over again. B)

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