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All Your Training In A Turbine ?

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Like I said, I would have that thing loaded in all sorts of different ways if I did all 206 time.


I do like the fact that GSH's aim is to hire all students... I am obviously going to wait until the first set of graduates comes outta the program (I think it should be soon, they started in October, but the training season for them is over in April). If they did manage to hire all the students I think its a go. Simply because I feel I have the attitude to succed through their program and get into the pool.


I wont worry about the money until the training is closer...


Cole B)

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Boy, I've never heard a school say they are going to hire all their students after they are done their training. :rolleyes:

I really want to hear what the out come of the first set of graduates getting all hired turns out to be. I know where my bets fall on that one, but I will keep that to myself.

Cole let me know when you find out.

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I bet you your bets are right where mine are.... BUT, GSH hired something like 7 of their students when they took on 10, and have since reduced class sizes to 4 or 5 per year. One would think this would give them the oppertunity to hire all of them.


However there are people that may piss off GSH or simply just lack the skill.


It really will be interesting, however, to see the actual outcome in april. They do have a fair history of hireing their own, but its been fairly sparatic(sp?) from what I can tell, some years as many as all, some years as few as 2 or 3.



Cole B)


Note: they only say they are going to TRY to see if they can hire everyone.

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Great Slave Heli does not guarantee that they will hire all the students or any student, every year you get a few students that don't deserve a job, those that do deserve a job ,get a job. It's not a gamble. Just because you invest $83 000

in the school does not mean you get a job, you have to earn that job, the job is based on your work ethic and your flying skills, in that order. GSHL can not guarantee a job in the end because they do not have a clue about the candidates until the course is almost over. They are not pulling the wool over your eyes.

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Isnt that what I said? I know they dont gauruntee anything... but its only apprx 25-35 more then the average course.


By no means am I trying to say that just because I do their course means I will get a job. That being said... they ARE the second largest helicopter company in Canada, and always seem to have use for more pilots.


Heres one thing that crosses my mind- If im not good enough for GSH to take a risk with, what makes me think I will be good enough for someone who cannot afford to take the chance on me.


Again, Im not trying to sway you, just have you voice your opinions, and voice mine at the same time. Im also trying to figure out if it is worth the extra 30ish grand to train with them while waying the facts.


So far, my pros cons list is something like this (I have more, but this is the just of it)



-100 hours on a turbine making me that much more hireable.

-POSSIBLE company advancement

-Relatively cheap training (Im comparing this to doing a non-subsidized course such as CHL's course here which is alot more)

-School is in a fairly good location, close enough to mountains, and a wide variety of training locations

-I would be much more firmilliar with the 206 wich is still one of the most widely used light turbines

-I have sevral places I could live within a 10 min drive of springbank



-Expense compared to piston helicopters ( Im finding an average of around 45000 for the training, BUT then posibly having to either add or exchange for turbine time)

-Not getting the job. I know that there is always a poosibility of this. I am trying not to run to far into debt anyway, but my loan (if I took one out) would be sitting idle for a while.

-People seem to frown on this thinking its stupid, some opperators think likewise. However others seem to think 100 hours is 100 hours, and some think 100 in turbine is much better.


Feel free to add to this list. I am planning to go into training with all the money ready.


Cole :punk:

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Cole, I say if money is not a issue and you are a hard worker and know what it takes go for it. Because what I can tell you got something to offer, you show ambition and seem to know what you are talking about and are taking all the right steps in doing research and finding the right school, because once you have that license in your hand. You will be doing the exact same thing you are doing now anyways, you will be narrowing the playing field by figuring out who will most likely hire you, I found I narrowed it down to 3 companies when I got my license. Be presistant with those companies be safe and dont lose focus. I don't know if I just babbled on but go for it man. "GET ER DONE" and good luck, you set your mind to it and it will happen.

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Thanks man, the money shouldnt be that big of a thing, lots of people have sports cars that cost twice what this does.


Also thanks for the compliments, I know a little bit about you and know that coming from you (or any successful pilot) praise wont come unless it is deserved.


Now its just the matter of finding the funds. Then I think im going for it. Man that feels good to say, I have (somewhat) picked a school finally.


Cole B)

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So? Just because its 40 yrs old doesnt mean its crap. There are still tonnes of 206's on the market and as long as they stay cheap theyre gonna stay that way IMO.


Arent you a lowtimer still... the 206 is what you are most likely going to spend a couple years on. Oh wait, your joining the airforce... again 206. (BTW, if they send you to Penticton drop me a PM... well go for coffee and doughnuts.)


Cole B)

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