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All Your Training In A Turbine ?

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Nope, few cross border flights at night :blink::P


Actually I was thinking a matter of years (1-2) I could (and if I wasnt in school) Would be making 60ish grand a year in Kelowna, and theres faster ways then that (granted I wont be spending any money on anything that isnt absolutley necessary)


Cole B)


PS, might get a line of credit depending on where I land by the time I want to train... so actually saving ALL my pennies may not be what will happen. But none the less... that is always an option to any hard working individual.

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Don't forget that about half of what you make goes to the gov't... <_<


If you make 60g per year, figure the tax man will take 30. That leaves you with 30 grand to live (rent, gas, phone, booze, women, etc). You'll be lucky if you can save 10 grand per year. Be realistic in your expectations. Make a plan that you can be sure to stick with. At your age, you have oodles of time. Make sure you have a backup trade to fall back on if things don't work out aviation-wise.

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Waaaaay ahead of you Skidman.


If one were to make 60 grand while still under 18 or 19 you get all your tax man dollars back, a line of credit for $40,000 is easy enough to get when one has made 60 in the last year.


Add that to the 5 bucks in my trust fund :huh: then poof haha. All the money I make between now and when I start my training should be non taxable if I was told right by the dumb lady at the bank. I make a fair amount for being in highschool (it gets blown rather quickly on my cessna friend), once im out I should only have like 30 or 40 Grand left to get to the mark. Im working right now with my councellors to do this thing next year where I take the second half of the year and do a trade (I will be getting paid for that aswell) so I am hoping that pans out.


Other then that Im not really planning so far in advance as some think... Im trying to keep all my doors open in case said situation happens and I need to spend extra time making money.


Cole B)

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From the sounds of things, it seems like you 've got a lot going for you. Drive, ambition, planning, youth, etc.


Don't let anyone take your dream.


Many can't even see far enough to have a "plan" as you have laid out. You can, and it's your dream, so go for it.


Make sure you have a backup trade to fall back on if things don't work out aviation-wise.


Maybe things won't work out as planned, but who cares? You're young enough to try, fail and still recover nicely. But if you make plans now, to catch yourself in case you "fail", you've already given up a part of your dream.


Don't let anybody take that from you. They might say after, "I told you so" and they might be right. But don't let them have the chance because you didn't give it your all...


Keep looking forward, and you won't have to worry about anyone catching you.


Keep us posted.

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Thought I would dust this off as I just got another email back from GSH, this seems to be the pros and cons list I could come up with for now, feel free to ad to it, its all based on what Ive been told by various people.



-40 to 50 hours HU-500 included with the program for NO extra cost

-2nd largest opperator in Canada, therefor if one would be hired they could go a long way befor having to move on to bigger things

-All turbine time, flying on what you would most likely be flying in the future

-Springbank isnt to far from the rocks, I love the rocks

-Your whole training is one big interview

-The insurance is set up so you can fly almost immediately

-First summer avg is 50-100 hours, 2nd summer is full time flying

-You are treated as if you are already an employee, the machine it yours to grease, wash and clean the whole time you are flying it.

-400-600 Full On Autorotations in the course (I know what you are thinking, but this came straight from the school/chief pilot)

-A really good chance at getting a job after for the company

-Alberta Gov't gives out more money for students (only 8000 a year in BC, and it has to be approved)

-Well maintained aircraft with a huge surplus of parts and more AC, not going to be delayed by maint.)



-Cost ($81,300 estimated)

-A slight chance that I wouldntbe hired on (they seem to base this on work ethic, attitude, and flying skill)

-Not getting to learn power as much power management (although the light helicopters dont seem to be using to much throt. input anymore)

-Going to take slightly songer to get there due to the costs, however some have commented that waiting is better due to the apperance of age.


Like I said, feel free to ad to either column, and can anyone tell me what kind of a reputation GSH has in the industry?


Cole B)

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