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Turn Coordinator???


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yes i''m trying to graps this. every book that i read it stats this...


"A miniture aircraft indicates direction and rate of turn, roll rate and turn coordination"


What is the roll rate and how do you get this by the turn coordinator???? i''m lost...

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Hi mate. As I say - its easy when you know the answer. Soon, you will too :)


Roll rate is the "rate" the aircraft turns. How many degrees in heading it changes, per minute. If you picture a turn coordinator for a second, or click this link to look at ...


http://www.aircraftinstrument.com/turn.html ...


you will see that there are 2 marks in the bottom corners. These mean something. That something is the "rate" of turn. When the miniature aircraft wings are on a line (depending on whether the plane is banked left or right), it means it will do 360 degrees in 2 minutes. Thats why it says "2 MIN" at the bottom in the middle.


From this, you can work out any "rate" of turn, using the turn cooordinator. Lets say that the bank angle required to get a "rate" of 360 degrees in 2 minutes is 15 degrees; you know that at 30 degrees, you will do it in 1 minute. Using this mental equation, you can work out any "rate" turn. Try to use the Attitude Indicator/Artificial Horizin, whatever you may call it, with the TC. I suggest this because you can see any degree of bank on the AI. The rate of turn indicator shows the rate, not the bank angle in degrees (except the 15 degree angle to give the RATE of turn of 360 degrees, in 2 minutes, by default). They expect you to work from this.


I hope you understand my mini example to give you the idea, and are able to apply it to different rates of turn :)


Good luck, and post again for more clarification.


Smooth skies, and happy rate one turns...


Dan ;)

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Unfortunately, roll rate is not how fast you turn...

Roll rate is how hast the aircraft will rotate about the Longitudinal axis, and the turn Coordinator measures this, since it is canted up approx 35 degrees. Thus it senses the gyroscopic precession, and shows this as Rate of Roll. It has no particular value, other than confirming that you are rolling rather fast, or rather slow. However, it is in general more stable than a turn indicator, and thus easier to fly.


Hope that clears up the fog, and don''t make it more foggy!

(Winnie, Helicopter Instructor)

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Roll rate is not how fast you turn. Roll rate is how fast the aircraft will rotate about the longitudinal axis ...


I agree.


imfsub12, no disrepect to you, but it sounds like you''re trying to learn to fly out of a book (like Gert Frobe in "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines"!). My advice would be to get yourself out to a flying school and take some dual, which should make everything clear pretty quickly.

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