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Litter Kits

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I've done tons of medivacs and always let the blades come to a complete stop before I've taken the door post off, I havn't talked to Bell, I know they would have the answer but I 'd like to here some of your thoughts. Should you wait, or can you remove the post without shutting the machine down.







Thanks for any thoughts




MH :)

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Guest bag swinnger

I once worked as a first aid attendant/heli logger and landed on a mountain pad to medivac a patient out. The pilot decided to load hot and I stayed in the back of the 206 to receive the stretcher, as the door came off it was handed to another guy who walked uphill with the door and post up over his head. as he got to within inches of the blades (still spinning) he realized what he was doing and stopped. both the pilot and I were shitrified! Enroute to the hospital the pilot told me that if the blades had been hit while we were sitting on the pad there would be a good chance we would of rolled down the hill. as you can see from the picture's it is not the sort of pad you would normally shut down on, so definitley a judgement call by the pilot.

Now that I am a pilot my ground crew briefing covers this topic, both when they are building pad's and medivac's from the same pad's.


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Bag swinger, Great story, Thanks aswell to the rest of you guys that posted your thoughts. I don't feel right about anything turning when a patient is being loaded. Usually these accidents are crazy enough without the added stress of a loud spinning chunk of aluminum. T rex, I agree that the 206 isn't the best for room on these medavacs but it still will get into those hard to reach spots :punk: . Anyways thanks again for all your thoughts.






MH :up:

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Guest bag swinnger
Ummmm, like who does medevac's with Bell 2x6 anymore?

Well in a logging support role there is VIH, Canadian aircrane, Hayes, Coulson aircrane, Pemberton helicopters, Far west, just to name a couple.

Folding a patient into a 500 or the massey R44 must be interesting as they are the support machine of choice for some. Trex you must have been spoiled flying the big iron this year :up:

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On the topic of medivacs....

It is now a requirement by some provincial ambulance organizations to have a STC approved litter kit in the A-Star.

No more strapping in the stretcher with the belts. Anyone out there in compliance?


Is there something in CARs that requires the STC'd litter kits to do a medivac, or is it just another self imposed restriction by the ambulance service?


What Provinces require the kits?

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