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Pilot Training+employment


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:D hello all

This is my first time hear. I am 31 and live in the UK at the moment with my wife and two children we are going to be moving to BC soon with my wifes job .

I am looking at heli training and possable jobs any advice anyone . I am an automotive tech at the min and looking for a future in this field


thanks Helibelly :up:

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Welcome aboard Helibelly!


First advice is to pour through the older threads here about the topics of training and employment for us rookies. Also, be sure you have the full support of Mrs. Helibelly and the kiddies as many heli pilots see very little of their families... especially in the earlier years. It can be a very nomadic lifestyle.


Entering the heli world as either a pilot or engineer has the old saying that "You can't get in without experience, but can't get experience unless you get in."


Also know that about 50% of new heli pilots never find work in the industry. For those that do find work, it might take years to even get a job sweeping someone's hanger floor. If you're lucky that will eventually lead to a flying job if you prove yourself to the company.


Moving to BC is a start in the right direction though as much of Canada's helicopter industry is located in this province. There are also quite a few premium flight schools here.

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