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206 M/r Blade


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Perfect Track ------- Blackmac didn't attack you and if he had, there'd be big holes in your superstructure.....because he doesn't "mince words". I know the man and Carholme as well and if some of their wrenches could talk, they'd sure educate a lotta people.....including Tech Reps. Some of their wrenches are older than most on this forum too. They've also been in positions where Tech Reps called THEM and not always the other way 'round. Just advising that there's a wealth of knowledge there, so don't be too quick to read'em wrong and don't be too quick to take a swing at them. That says nothing at all about DGP and Otooley, who ain't any kind of dummies either. :D


Carholme -------we need contact.


Otooley ......... time to try out the new kinds of Tim Horton's coffee. Expect incoming phone call soonest.


DGP -------what ya drivin' for wheels these days now that you're getting those thumpin' big paycheques?

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I wrote earlier thinking it was a strike with the blade to the side, and offered advise, however I don't see how you can hit head on unless you miss the hanger door completely or it's closed.


just a thought


Daren (darcor)





Carholme15#yahoo.ca or daxair2@kmts.ca


Tried a PM but it says your mailbox is full. You have probably won the lotto and don't even know it yet.





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DGP/Carholme ------ did an upgrade and had no problem with e-mail so far. Thanks for the warning you two. I'll do some checking post-haste and you guys try'er tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the contact because I'm not used to conversing with "Executive Pilots" who work for the "Rich & Famous" or "Airline Owners" who hire only female pilots (I think there's a story there somehow). Could it be that I've come up in the world and someone forgot to advise me because sometimes I'm a little "slow" ya see. I can still "keep my feet on the ground" with the "common man" though because Blackmac ain't important anymore and only qualifies for the "Seniors Discount" these days. Since I'm also a "Senior" now, I'll take that back and say "on fixed income" ......on second thought.......my income has been "fixed" for decades too........ahhh forget it. :(

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