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So, where the heck (bet I had you fooled) is everyone???


I'm tired of coming on this site and find that there is no action...  Come on...  We've all got something to say...  I would hope... If you've got a great site like this, the only way to keep it going is to post something....  Otherwise it will die...  So POST SOMETHING!!!!!!!



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Aside from the fact that lots of us are probably busier than we were a month or two ago, don''t forget that 407 Driver was away during May. I''m sure things will heat up now that he''s back on the scene (unless he''s too busy right out of the chute) and, hopefully, with lots of great tales of his travels in Kiwiland.

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The other thing is that for all us stiff-wing guys, the biggest news has been playing out on the front page of the papers; no need to go to the forum to get caught up on the news...


That and the fact that it''s summer- busy working, patio''s, BBQ''s, etc.


Speaking of, anyone up for another round at the Beaver? Maybe now that the monsoon season is over we can get a better turn out.

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Busy flying.. for fun even... I read these forums among others pretty much daily and agrre it has been slow... good news is that it is the time of year many people stop sulking from lack of sun and flying time and get back to BBQ''s and such as previously posted.


I for one am having a blast hopping around in 160 hp SuperCub on Tundra tires...

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Well, probably your right about the lack of posting on the site but..........IT''S SUMMER!!!!


All the girls are outside getting a nice cool tan! Just to get us a little bit more excited!!!!


If you guys plan to come near Quebec city this summer, if you have the chance go make a little site seeing on «Les Plaines d''Abraham» you wont regret it!!!!!


But to comeback on the subject, for my part I''ve been training a lot since I''ve send my recruitment form to become (I hope! ) a pilot in the CAF.


But......never I forget to look at the news everyday on this site! And I must say this is the first site about aviation in Canada that comes with fresh news everyday!!!!!


And I want to thank Kyle for this! I don''t no if his computer is doing all the works by itself but it''s doing great!!!!!!!!


It''s really appreciated!!!!!


Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! For once we have a great internet site, it would be a shame to lose it!!!!

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