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if you find that the1500 hr requirement a pain wait till you hear about the new requirements for oil & gas pilot requirements for 2006!


High collar shirts will be required to be worn by pilots as to instill confidence to the customer that you are a professional and you know what you are doing.


100 hours in a 30 day period!


40 hours in a 7 day period.


You will have to weigh all your customers 1 by 1.


If you only have 2 people on the roster for the flight and a 3rd shows up you will have to call Calgary tolet them know and if there are any delays due to weather or rerouting you will have to let Calgary know.


Note: I wonder what if you are inroute and are about to fly into a cloud you will have to continue your flight into IMC until someone answers the phone in Calgary.


If you are wearing a high collar white shirt with the epaulettes (captains 4 bars) will a ball cap still suite the color coordination or style. What about those pilots that are now bald because they have been pulling out their hair teying to cope with this ludicrous requirements. Will they have to wear a topais like this guy. I find that wearing is the first sign of insecurity in someone. For us guys it show maturity eh.


What next.....)(*&(*&^&%$^%#$

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Can I ask your source on this one?


Don't worry, someone's going to cap that idiot anyway - it's why the haven't got Bush yet, they're to busy planning the demise of Contrail...





One of his customers "S_ _ _ _ _" has already seen the light and has culled him. It was costing them too much for their prefered heli suppliers to implement his recomendations. But its sad to say that this guy is undermining the helicopter industry recommending Big airline criteria on the charter businesses. It would be really nice to see this guy to show up at a HAC convention and give us a talk. I think that many operators and pilots alike would be showering him with tomatoes or something. I do really think that Contrail stands for the big smoke that he blows up their a---s and collects a very well underserved paycheck. I seriously think that this guy wanted to be one of us and didn't and couldn't make it so he is getting back at all of the industry. He even blacklists piston machines. Its a surprise that he hasn't been sued by Frank R-------.

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yeah, good luck getting a freshly pressed shirt out of my duffel bag. sounds like some serious BS to me. if he thinks that a shirt wih a collar and epaulettes is going to look alright over my 4 layers of thermal undies and insulated pants & is going to look pro he can kiss my butt. what a weiner!

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Good to hear.


Yeah, after 33 days of a 42 day tour, I challenge anyone to find one of my shirts that doesn't keep the bears away...


I can only hope that more customers will follow their lead. It's quite simple really, you want a 4000hr guy, ok the rates just went up $100/hr for a Jetbox. They'll get the picture.


I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be able to walk out of a HAC convension in one piece.



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Do we have to trade in our helmet's on one of them Airliner style peak ones, wonder if they throw a stewardess in there somewhere, maybe clean the bubble ?? Seriously...scary stuff these guys are taking it Wwaayyy to far !!! Next we will be restricted to paved runways etc...:down:


Cheers TT

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