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Albert Ross -------My God man, don't tell me that you go flying without using a GPS on ALL occasions. There's a "safety concern" right there. Surely you don't use just your eyes, memory and perhaps a map to get around. Perhaps it's because of pilots like you that Contrail wants that "1000' ceiling rule" put in place.........so that pilots like you can see better where they are going. That probably explains who one of the "culprits" is who caused that rule to be invented in the first place. Next you'll be advising that you put something like Diet Pepsi in your "two fingers" of Single Malt Scotch before you drink it. :angry:

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please no reference to drinking and flying int he same paragraph. it'll give Mr Contrail more ammo. Flight crews would be screwed if it suddenly became 24hr/bottle to the throttle, or worse yet, alcohol free job sites. How would you guys calm your nerves, before after and during your flights?

Reminds me of a pilot I worked with in BC with the Two fingers/scotch rule...He should have increased it to 3 or 4, becuase two wasn't enough to keep him sane. Most sketchy individual I have ever worked with.

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Perfect Track ------- I have a "News Bulletin" for you then. You'll find "No alcohol products allowed on company property or quarters" on all, if not most of the gas fields in northern BC. That is official policy on the local and HQ level and there maybe some "unofficial" sipping takes place, BUT at one's own peril.


I have enough problems at present with the MoT rule about "no smoking 8 hours before flight and no imbibing of alcoholic spirits within 24' of the a/c" as it is, so I don't wish to see it get worse :angry: .

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News Bulletin Cap,


If the matter got worse you'd likely see a sign with the statement "If you do not wish to have your bags searched than we have the right to deny access. Signed the Management as per Contrail Rule # 97"


No more will you guys have the ablitity to even sneak in a few wobbly pops. It won't even take an accident to step up the monitoring of it. Right now I haven't heard of an accident from a pilot being drunk, but maybe a few have been a result of slow/non existant reflexes from a serious hangover, to me thats enough cause for concern and I'm not even trying to make a living making rules about it.

The example I used, the pilot was on the wagon only long enough for me to go to town for a parts run, turns out we always had to pick-up a few extra "parts" down the street too. Not much exagerating here, but sitting beside him at breakfast gave me a buzz. Thankfully he knew when to land and take a break when he needed to. Dry camp too, and nobody said a word cause he was a well respected old timer with thousands of hours, go figure.

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Albert Ross ---------- Ahhhhhhh, now give me a break will ya? Don't start "whining" about no drinking and no sex on your course. You didn't have time because you didn't have anodized brass buttons and had to use that "button polisher thingy" and that copper polish can........and that's difficult. Putting the iron on the pebble-grain boots to flattened-out that grain and make them able to be spit-polished real good, was time consuming and a ***** also. Getting a Pass to go out "poon-tanging" was hard too because after getting up so early, you were starting to "run out of gas" by the time you really "got into" that Pass. I think the story goes something like that and it's good enough anyway........so just "run with it". :P Geez, next thing you'll be saying is that with what little spare time you DID have, you spent most of it in the Chapel. :lol:


I had lots of time because my buttons were anodized and the shoes were nice shiny patent leather.............so off to drinking and sex we went sucka. :P


Perfect Track --------Oh, I've had to put up with that first stated rule of yours a number of times during my career, so it ain't exactly new to me and was invented LONG before contrail was out of three-cornered pants. So sorry, but we can't "hang the donkey's tail" on him for that one.


Eons ago, my generation and the one before us could "play" REAL hard and "work" REAL hard........and knew the difference by and large, BUT that's as far as I'm willing to go on that subject



TQN -------- It's a good thing that you stated who said and where you got that quote because I was thinking as I read it that Alfred Kinsey was the author. :lol:

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Oh by the way guys there is also another stipulation. The pilot in command has to ensure that his passengers are not carrying booze, narcotics and weapons on board. So we are now officers of the law too and will be armed with X-ray machines and metal detector wands the next time we fly out to the patch.

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