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Forestry Requirements Changing?

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VNE, as for 'dressing up the pilots', I think this is a non-issue. It is unrealistic to impose this new policy and does nothing to enhance the pilot's skills. I hope owners and HAC will do something to push back on that issue.

Pssst - Umm Rotoroboy2,


I think you may want to re-read VNE's post...


(It was a joke...)

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Oh my God. Did i read this right. BCFS & ABFS have been talking to Contrail. We are deffinetly in trouble now or will be the public safety at large.


I heard something about either BC or AB forestry requirements changing in the next few years. The major change was all A/C must have a GPS tracking system in each A/C.


Can anyone confirm this? If so, when are the changes to be implemented?



I think that big brother wants to know where the fishing holes are.

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