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Transponder / Equipment Codes

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INSERT one or two of the following to describe the serviceable SSR equipment carried:


N Nil

A Transponder – Mode A (4 digits – 4096 codes)

C Transponder – Mode A (4 digits – 4096 codes) and ModeC

X Transponder – Mode S without both aircraft identification and pressure-altitude transmission

P Transponder – Mode S, including pressure-altitude transmission, but no aircraft identification transmission

I Transponder – Mode S, including aircraft identification transmission, but no pressure-altitude transmission

S Transponder – Mode S, including both pressure-altitude and aircraft identification transmission.

D ADS capability

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Whats a transponder?


Its not something that we use very often it at all in Northern Alta and BC.


I hope this is a bit of tonge-in-cheek humour.


No days with the corporate aircraft that seems to be in so many places, it's a good idea to have it on all the time. A great many of them have the ability to "see" you which is nice when you both are doing a bit of scud running / approach in some of the "remote" areas.


Turn it on and watch how many times the light blinks, - someone has "seen" you.

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