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Where Are They Now

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Al Hahn is working for Custom Heli...afew more names from the 72/73 class...Dan Guest,John Alexander,Gary Valincourt,Paul McDermott,Dave Jacques,Chris Franklin,Gary Gorgachuck,Jerry Cousell,George Akins,Doug Smallman,Bill Marsden,Ron Hall,Glen Milton,Lorey Robertson,Dave Laamenen,Gerry Carrier,Lanny Fry, Teddy Wiegand,Barry Leduc,Bob Hooking,Guy Lemarche,Jim McAfrey,Pat Zdunich....better put myself in here...Doug Potts B) :shock: :up:



DGP I PM'd you.

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So there you have it. I'd remembered Dean and Randy shortly after making the list, and could vividly see Ted's face, but not remember his name at all. As for the elusive 17th member I have been drawing a blank for on that for lot's more than a decade now (geez, and ta think I'm loosing my memory at only +- 30yo).


It's good to hear that all of the "fledglings" appear to be alive, well and still relatively active in the industry, and it sure seems that it would be an organizational nightmare to get everybody around a table for a few jugs of drafts. I'd bet that the stories that would be told, fabricated, modified, abridged and lamented would more than fill a volume or two of "daring do" and "hero stuff".


Well good on ya guys, here's to hoping that we all live to see the days when aviation gets dangerous (bla, bla, fish paste)....and sex gets safe again.


Fly safe, go well.






I was on the dark side, (maintence) when all you guys where out there working on getting your rotarywing licence. Definitly a bunch of charactors, we had alot of fun partying with some of you and latter worked with some of you as pilots in the feild. Time was just yesturday........Lots OF fun

Take Care

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Cal Fryer was the chief pilot of Abu Dhabi helicopters for many years. He stopped that about a year ago and as far as I know is still flying the line there.

Cal Fryer posted an ad on JUST PILOTS a couple months ago looking for EC135 and EC130B4 pilots for a new company in the UAE called Falcon Aviation Services. I phoned him and he confirmed he jumped ship from Abu Dhabi Aviation last August and is now Falcon's new Ops Manager. By the way he filled the positions as advertised.



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