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maybe in the case in england involving the sea king, ATC should have been held liable as it seemed to me that they were in controlled airspace.

the hawaii incident makes no sense (correct me if i'm wrong) as there was no mention of ATC, therefore, collision avoidance is/was the PIC's responsibility as is/was maintaining VFR wx minima? to charge someone for murder for an accident like that seems pretty extreme. i'm no lawyer but maybe negligence ir of they really wanted to roast someone, then manslaughter?

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Here are two similar news reports of aircraft accidents, both have very different outcomes.


1. http://www.kpua.net/news.php?id=6828


2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england...all/4449882.stm



The first story sounds a little fishy to me, but I wasn't there and don't have any details to sum it up. Maybe they know something that we don't and are pursuing it because of simply that.


The second I think that the stiff wing guy might have over reacted but who knows wasn't there either. Its quite plausible that he did enter the Seakings vortex and lost control. I know that it can get pretty violent when doing logging support and your at the wrong place at the wrong time when it comews to flying around the 61.

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As far as the first incident goes, the scuttlebut on some other forums around the time of the accident was that the pilot deliberately flew into IMC, regardless of his pax concerns about it. No one ever saw another a/c anywhere near... :huh: Some of the "suppositions" were the pilot invented the other a/c to cover his six after the accident... I guess he'll get his day in court and the truth will come out... :mellow:

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maybe i missed it in the story, but who's getting charged in the Hawaii affair? The pilot of the crashed heli, or the pilot of the "mystery" heli that forced the other to make an avoidance.

I truly can't see how a murder charge could stick to the guy flying the crashed ship. Don't you need intent? How do you prove he intentially made the ship crash versus making a bad mistake that caused an accident and took lives?

If the charges stick, pity on all pilots who fly in the states, the precident will be set and many more will face the legal system for murder.


Imagine a T/R failure = crash = 10 years in the penitentiary.

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