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Question Re: Converting Canadian Pilots License To American License


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Hello once again;


A quick question with regards to the paper work the FAA needs to review in order to give approval for flight training in the states.


1. Is the FAA looking for the "Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License" form to be completed and sent to Oklahoma City, or is this the wrong form. If so what is the proper form.


2. Also how long does this process take once the paper work has been submitted.


Thanks once again.



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Chopper Yes you will have to show your log book or books and be able to prove all you times when I did mine I could not prove my daul xcountry and had to do 3hr with the intructor, oh yes I had 10,000 an instument rating insructor rating endrorsed on every thing up to and including the S61 but could not prove my dual Xcountry. So make sure your books are in order RW

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Here is a bit more info for you.


Your Canadian cpl will get you an FAA ppl as stated earlier. To get that to happen I believe you need to visit a FAA office to fill out the necessary paperwork, not to mention go through the security screening/background check. You may be able to do it by mail but it is much faster to go to the office in person. (If you do everything in Abbotsford you can drive down to Renton WA and visit the office there) You need to have at least a second class FAA medical (or first) before you can do any of the flight tests. You also need to write the FAA commercial pilot exam (very similar to ours and yes the entire thing. Special consideration to the differences in airspace and procedures in the US). Again if you are in Abbotsford you can drive to Belingham and write the exam there. It is all done on the computer. (it is about an hours drive south) Once you have the ppl, you need to fly with a FAA instructor (Cathy at Chinook is one.) I believe you need at least three hours. When you have completed the required flight training and ground school she will sign you off and you are eligible for a cpl ride. She has a fella that comes up from Olympia to do the ride. As for the ride...it is not that bad..they emphasize a few different things than a MOT ppc but if you are current here you will have no problem.


Another thing to note. The night requirment is actually 25 hours. I believe if you fly part 91 down there you may be able to get away with 10 hours..but I am pretty sure you need 25 (that is what we have done) In order to fly part 135 which is charter ops you need 25 hours. (this seems to be the biggest obstacle for us canucks that never fly in the dark)


As for finding work...you either need to be employed for a canadian outfit that works down there under nafta (have to be employed for at least a year by that company) or get a green card (ie marry someone) Unfortunately they do not make it easy for us to just go down and apply...a work visa is needed and that is a tough thing to get. If you find a company down there that will sponsor you...that would definitely help.


The best thing to do is call Chinook, they will lay out the steps and hurdles for you. They will be very helpful

They will also verify the times needed.


Best of luck

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