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Why Do We Spend So Many Days Away?

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I do agree that the Heli Log sector does have a good schedule. I wish we could all have a similar rotation in other parts of the industry. More pilots would be employed, less fatigue, less accidents and a healthier enviroment for everyone. All the operators have to raise the rates to accommadate the extra travel. A win-win for all!

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When I started flying it was 30 days in and 7 days off, but it took a day to get to Vancouver then a day to get home, On the return it took a day to get to Vancouver and then a day to get back to the job, So I only really had 5 days off , I would sleep the first day off, then do stuff that you had to do, then it seemed like you had to go right back to work, but I was 21 years old then and no family (yet) at the time it seemed ok and I was racking up the hours as there was no duty time or hour limits back then. Now 24 years later I am doing 2 weeks on & 2 weeks off which is great, as I have three young boys that I have time to spend with. Most of my friends that I know( not in the industary) only get 2 weeks off a year Most of them say what a great shift you have and only wish they have the same as I do. But i do agree with H56 the shifts in heli-logging are very nice.

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my first job i left for the arctic in june and came home in october.


the next summer i left in june and came home in october. then they sent me straight to a base. man was i happy!!


of course i was also single......


today, i leave home at 0730. arrive at work at 0750. i leave at 1700, home at 1710.


man, is my wife happy................... ;)



but the bug to go always there. the travel. the intrigue of seeing foreign lands or flying in the bush on fires.........wait...what was the question??? oh ya.....



WE GO FOR THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :up:

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I have to agree with Buzzard and Hookweight on this one. I currently work 3 weeks in and 10 days off. I admit that this is pretty cushy and I don't have family of my own yet either but I cringe when I think about going on a 28 day rotation.


So many other things have changed since the days of 3 months in the bush etc so I think now is the time for people to embrace the fact that yes, we do love our jobs but it shouldn't be such a sacrifice. Everyone that I tell my schedule to makes a yuck face and continue to treasure their 5 and 2.


I love my job but I also love many other things....my family, friends, golf, camping etc. I have come to try to live my life under the motto "WORK TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO WORK". So far, so good.

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I agree with the original poster, in fact I just approached my boss a week ago asking if a different shift could be worked out.


We currently do the usual seismic rotation of 28/14 and that is fine when you are young and have no kids. I suggested a 2 on 2 off shift and the excuse was the crew changes would cost more... I suggested a month on month off shift because that would actually decrease the costs of crew changes. His excuse then was we would have to hire more pilot's, cut our salary, and no one would want to be home that much anyway...


I like my job fine, but when you are gone for two thirds of the year or more it is tough on kids. Maybe it's just me but I really try to put my family before my job.


I guess my only option is to keep trying to get into either logging, heliskiiing, or IFR.


Or i guess a guy could go contract and just work 180 days a year and thats it...


If anyone knows of a good job for an experienced long line pilot with an equal time shift send me a pm. ;)

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