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What Does Your Licence Read?

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Had to dig out the original to see what it actually said:


Commercial Pilot Licence


Helicopters Only

Bell 47

Valid for VFR Day Flying Only

Issued April 17, 1972

Signed by: Ray McGowan



So that's 34 years of great adventure, exploring, fishing, prospecting, great camps, bad camps, leaky air matresses on dirt floored tents, stiffling heat, bitter cold, heart stopping adrenaline, storm force winds, extreme turbulence, multitudes of medi-vacs, great clients, arseholes, and camp groupies in the middle of the night. It started as a high income seasonal job and has evolved into a middle income career... from low regs to overwhellming bureaucratic control... and I would trade it for anything.


It's called a great life experience. I would encourage those with a passion for flying and adventure to go for it.


34 years... and I still love liffting that bird gently into the air with such precision that it would make a brain surgen jealous... and the flying off to a new adventure.




Okay... so I didn't get $$$$RICH$$$$... but I paid $8,500 to get my licence... and have since done about 9 million dollars worth of free flying... oh ya... plus I picked up an income along the way.


Ya Gotta Luv It!


Happy New Year to you all.




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Centennial College 1971 (?) AME Then BH47, BH06 Series, HU500,AS341,AS350B2/3 /AS355, EC130B4, EC120B, S58T, Herman Nelson, 332C, M1, M2, the old S, P, and.....?. It's just a hobby now , building 1:1 scale models. Favorite, S58T, not including Herman Nelson, altho he was good for the OT $$

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