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What Does Your Licence Read?

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Of course its an ego trip. Are we not pilots?

Ego is required to have the belief one can manouver 5 or 6 tons of metal through the air with finesse.




Group 4 Instrument rating to 2007/02/01

Currency provisions.


It says it all in French too.


and I'm damned proud of all of it.

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Geez Freddie... don't be a party pooper...


I added up all my columns and they don't equal my total... apparently I'm not good at math... so I won't be posting that stuff here... but I think it's pretty interesting to imagine the things that someone with H56's experience has seen...


But this thread has obviously inspired Cole and probably others to dream and probably plan... and I got a little teary eyed reading some of PT's quotes (maybe it's the scotch)... so I say there's no ego trip here... just some industry types shootin' the breeze...




P.S. Hey Cole... it's only 63,072,000 seconds until you can get your licence... hee hee hee!!!

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well, if you thought I was serious and trying to boost my ego, send a cheque for (enter huge amount of cash here) and send it to me at (enter address)


Actually, this is keeping me informed on what one can expect to achieve with hard work over an amount of time, and as inspiration.



P.S. Hey Cole... it's only 63,072,000 seconds until you can get your licence... hee hee hee!!!


Well actually, legaly if I had the money its only 29,548,800 seconds, but whos counting :D

However, im headed up to the rigs for a year when Im done highschool to pay for school, then finding a good school to go to for it. Ultimately I should be liscenced by fall/winter of '08 but could be liscenced nov.7.07


Cole :punk:

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Cole, my first flight ( Cessna 150 VRY ) was on May 2, 1975, a whopping 0.4 fam flight. (age 18)

First time steering a Helicopter (other than a quick N/R with Vic Corrie on Feb 10, 1978 in 206A BQZ ) was in a Bell 47G2 with Ed Phillips on Jan 3, 1979. Did a huge 0.6 that day.

As an Engineer, I got a 30 hr dual XC with good 'ol Mike McDonnaugh...from YVR to Resoloute in '79.


HL56, congrats on a remarkable career. You have me by 2 years, but surprisingly, our average "hours-per-year" are very similar ? I thought that you heli-god logger types flew a lot more than base pukes??? :D:D


I have no exotic types, just plain old BH47, BH06, B407, S350, B212 plus the dusty old AME M2.

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What are we Measuring? Looks like an ego trip to me.My two cents worth.....

:) Geez Freddie lighten up....this was meant as a fun thread, not much of an ego trip when your anonomous. To me it would be interesting to hear some of the experience levels here within the membership. Experience is not necessarily measured by flight hours....there are a vast amount of members here, that are new to the industry. I read at what Cole and Ryan post here, and as a rookies (hope you don't mind that gentlemen), they offer a refreshing, fun, and mature approach here as well as many others, that is good "life experience" talking.



Thanks for the words of encouragement 407D, yes, I remember Eddie quite well, I actually hired him as a CFI about 1982 at United Helicopters for our flight school in Delta Air Park.....he was a great guy/ pilot. Yeah, as for the hours, I actually take breaks from the logging, right now i'm instructing for the winter, and will go back in the spring...."Base Pukes"....no way....the only "pukes" i know are the rookies that step into a logging aircraft for the first few times... :lol::blink:

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first flight in bell47g model in sept 72 at canadore withjim boyd at the controls for orentation flight...instructors were robby lavac,al lang,wayne bolen,paul smith,steve monroe...got licence in 73...bh47,bh06.bh407..as350..on drivers side...got M1&M2 on wrench side with 204,205,206,212,412,407....spent 10 winters up inside the hellhole on 204-205...hence my measly 6400 hrs drivin time :rolleyes:

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Well let's see. My license says this...




It all started here.




Anybody recognize any names? Looks like I pissed a few off or something. Nobody wanted to keep me. :lol:


Ended up here.




Half filled another page so crowding 5.5 k

I guess I spent too much time as a base doode too. :blink:


Oh ya, don't tell anybody my name, it's like a big secret.

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Guest Angry Egg Driver



Wow i'm impressed.You have a log book that is up to date.I've been working on mine for the last few months......Only have another 3500 hrs or so to fill in.Will it ever end.I think i've learned a lesson......Fill it in more often. :shock:


My Flight Duty XLS is up to date however...... :up:

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