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What Does Your Licence Read?

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Anybody recognize any names?


Let me try.........Mike, Joe and Jamie.


Ahh Jamie, I prefer to call him FAT ******* :P:P


CPL in 89

Instructor in 91....like to give that back :blink:

IFR 96....."Hey teach, I think the AI is broke, look at it tumbling around" :wacko:

ATPL in 00....just more paperwork



EH48....ugliest X 2


206.....like your mom, will never hurt you.

407.....Sweetiest, and still my favorite!!!!!


Astar.....look a hole in the floor, cool.

TwinStar.....Great shirt and tie ride.

BO105.....here hold my beer and "watch this"

S61.....slow ike your grandmother but s makes you look good in the eyes of others.

Super Puma.....just a big cat, purrs alot but has occasional fits. Second Fav!!!!!

TC318.....given me grey hair. :shock:


:wacko: :up:

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Thanks H56,


hey just a question, how did you get on flyin a Crane?

do they have smaller AC to start with then work up or did you have a reputation and were appraoched?


Cole :punk:


Yep....still here. After this many years Cole, you get to meet a lot of people in this industry. Some are good, some are bad.....doesn't really matter, as long as you are true to yourself. Common sense, a sound work ethic, be honest, and treat everyone equally, that will build yourself a reputation. It isn't all about numbers in a personel flight log. Going to Crane was just a natural progression, being involved in the logging sector,( and having over 9,700 longline time) doesn't hurt either. I may have had some inside help as i have many friends there, but it was never a goal of mine. ****, i am just as happy instructing on a Bell47, as i am flying a Crane.


Unfortunately, Crane does not have anything smaller than a Crane, which is a shame, as it would be a great way to help develop new talent, that would be interested in this line of work. They do hire lower time pilots on occasion for right seat only time, but it is very short term, and limited in use. Hope this answers your questions......cheers, H56

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Thanks man, some very nice people from crane, I filled out the form and got thier video and a info on all the cranes. pretty cool stuff. whenever I see a pic of a crane I can look it up un the book and figure out stuff like its callsighn (if im correct you fly JZK?)


I am hoping to go far in this industry, and think I have the attitude to do it.


BTW- im hoping to be out your way for a fam flight next fall. as well as BC, Valley, Kootney Valley, ANd OKMH just to get a feel for where I belong, as well as a couple hours in the logbook.


Cole :punk:

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License to wet my pants = 1993


Types I may some day pee myself in = BH04, BH06, HU50, RH22, RH44, S350 (Hopefully more eventually)


Hours so far without soiling myself (that I will admit too anyway) = 6500.


Kind of work I seem to always do = Seismic, seismic, seismic, seismic, seismic, seismic... and some seismic. (Is it normal to see orange bags in your dreams?)

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