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What Does Your Licence Read?

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hey SOB....


our careers are eerily parallel with the exception of the US stuff.........


both CHPL in 89


ratings similiar


qatar instead of UAE (prefered the compound to the atco trailers :P )


now flying something simple and basic...home every night........


S#*T....somethings gonna change....i just know it!!!! :shock:


i'm gonna start itching for the bush or somethin'............

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Okay if yall doing this I guess I will too.

Private Pilot Plank wing 1973 about 250 hrs.

Comercial Pilot Ultra Light Aeroplane meaning Instructer 1988 about 300 hrs.

Commercial Helicopter 1973,ATPLH Helicopter 1988

Groupe 4 Instrument Rating 1985

BH47,BH06,BH04/05, BH12,HU50,S315,S316,S319,S332,S350,S355,BH22.

Hours, not sure

Havent done the log book for a few years but around 12 thou plus


Fly safe all.....Mini

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Guest Bullet Remington

Geez! With all those initials s'pose ye fellers tinks yer a Doctor of sommin or nother!!


Mine don't have anything close to that!!


Mine used to say:


, M1, M2, M4, M5,M6, M7, M11, M12, 4, M16, S31, S32, S33. HU50, SK61.

(and a couple of others I've forgotten!)


Comm. IFR Plank, stoped countin hours..


AND, WARNING: You are now operasting a machine owned (directly or indirectly) by EA- 1 Crusty Old Bast@$d. Thou shalt NOt throw, empty coffee cups and/or pop cans, chip bags, sandwich wrappers, candy bar wrappers, etc, etc, in the chin bubble;

NOR shalt thou use the windows to record the lifts; Nor shalt thou make a mess in Thine office exceeding that of the paying customer; Nor shalt Thou over torue, overheat nor shut-down without doing the alloted cool down. Thou art also expressly forbidden to attempt to impress said Crusty Old Bast@%d with thine high speed combat approaches! Thou shalt also NOT depart the landing zone WITHOUT briefing said Crusty Old Bast@%d of the machine's operational state andthe days performance. Thou shalt also conduct a power performance check, EACh and every day, Thou shalt also record and inform said Crusty Old Bast@$d of the aforementioned results! Thou shalt NOT ever, at any time, for any reason (Attempting to procure medicinal spirts for Crusty Old Bast@$d excepted) EVER touch, move and, or abuse, said Crusty Old Bast@%d's tools.


Failure to comply MAY result in said Abuser of these rules, walking very, very awkwardly for the remainder of the contract. Abuser will also be entirely responsible for removal of 15" Cresent from Abuser's body cavity.


PLEASE NOTE 1: Cleaning of the tool upon removal is the sole responsibility of the ABUSER!!


NOTE 2: Ensuring said CRUSTY OLD BAast@$d is kept in sufficient medicinal spirits (every snow day, trip to town, etc, etc, MAy result in the relaxation of some and/or all of the above rules; AND may ensure that the referenced GUILY pARTY is enabled with a serviceable, airworthy ship with which to log copious amounts of hours , completion of the tour AND the accumulation of a "respectable" amount of coin (Copious amounts of Flight paid included!)!


BUt now it just say: M1, M2, CA IFR Planks.......


I liked the old one much, much better!! :up: :up:

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