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Winter Op's


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Well to go with your sorels the helly hanson survival jacket is good, I think it is good to -120 or something. (Should keep you warm) Especially in the frigid -10 temps we have had for 65% of december in the NWT


Temps I say -30ish because I am lazy and it takes to long to get anything done colder then that/ jetbuggys windscreens tend to be hard to keep clear enough to see anything out of.


I've never seen a problem with the t/r gearbox being cold soaked at -30 but if our woried put a heater by it for a few minutes to warm it up a bit.

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I dislike Sorels because I have problems with the complete lack of support for your arch when wearing them.


I have a pair of Boreal mountaineering boots that are great for cold weather work. The only problem is that you can't get them with steel toes (and I pity the poor b@st@rds that have to wear steel toe boots in -40). Wait...I'm one of those poor b@st@rds!


Basically, buy something with a removeable liner. That way you can pull it out to dry overnight. There's nothing worse than heading to work in the morning, and then realizing that your boots are still cold and wet and smelly with leftover sweat from yesterday. Ugh.

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