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Hey I Just Watched......

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Maybe we as members should put together our list of favourites. Instead of a television network that may be influenced by advertising dollars. (Not that there is anything wrong with that ;-) )


I've flown only four out of those ten and cannot say too much bad about any of them.


I'll work on my own favourites. These are ones I've flown (#) or want to fly...


1. S76 #

2. Astar #

3. Bell 206 #

4. EC 332L1 Super Puma

5. Bell 47 #

6. EC 365 Dauphin

7. S64E/F

8. Bell 212/205/204 #

9. Bell 407

10. S61 #




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I just looked through 123 heli-related listings at discovery.com (umbrella site for Discovery, Military, Learning channels) and there's no reference at all to this program here in the States. <_< I've not yet given up, however.


Here at the Forum I've seen it referred to as Top Ten Helis, Ten Greatest Helis, World's Greatest Helis and I think one other thing on another thread.


Anyone know the exact title of the program? :)

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Don't get me wrong here... The Bell 205 and the Astar are my two favorite machines to fly, so far anyway...


But if you really look at what Frank Robinson accomplished with the R-22, it's quite impressive. I think the reasons they stated on the show for it winning such high honors was a combination of sales and simplicity of design.


At the last company I worked for, I had the chance to do a recurrency hour on an R-44 Raven 2... For what it can do and what it costs to buy and operate, it is an amazing aircraft for it's class. (Fuel injection and hydraulics).


If I was to win a small lottery, and I couldn't quite afford to own a 407 or Astar as a personal toy... I think my choice would be a Robinson R-44 Raven 2.


All that being said... As just a driver, I do prefer turbine machines. Preferably ones that don't shed blades though. ;)

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