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Hey I Just Watched......

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Ohhhh, stop rubbing it in guyz! :P I'm SO BUMMED that the Cineflix series, The Greatest Ever (a Canada-United Kingdom co-production, produced by Cineflix and NextFilm) is not being shown in the U.S. <_<


That #1 heli has a special place in my heart and I just wanted to see it. :rolleyes: Waaahhh! But knowing the UH-1 Iroquois—The Sound of Freedom—came in first place is good enough for me. :)


(Plus I wanted to see Mr. Vertical Mag! :D) That's all, folks!

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it was on again at 0400 pacific today.................................... :up:

hey RH, how's thailand treating you????


Doing great, being away at Christmas sucks though. Really great to work with MPE again.


Hey TQN, you've likely done this, but do a search at...






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