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Guest Angry Egg Driver
What happened to Pinch? Dose Mustang have any good engineers left? I don't think I'll fly for them next year!!!


I think that they are getting few and far between.On the other hand it is a great training ground for 1st year engineers and ground guys.


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Hello, Hurler here


Just found this new string and the comment about "pinch". Having worked with the pinchmiester before I can concur that he is a very picky and methodical when it comes to his work. This I like!I spent 5 weeks with him up in the north one summer and was very satisfied with the quality of work.


I also agree with angry egg driver, the quality is certainly on the decline so is airmanship amongst the new generation of pilots. I have personaly witnessed a guy spend a week on an astar tach box, trying to figure out why the bleed valve wouldn't close, 2 tach boxes later ,it was determined that the canon plug was wired wrong. :rolleyes:


I heard mixed things about mustang.


Great forum!

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