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Training Hours Increase In Canada?


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If memory serves we here in Canada are one of the few, if not the only countries whose hour minimums for a rotory license is still 100 hours. I remember a few years back this was true for fixed wing commercial licenses too but that is now 200 hours.


So has there been serious talk about raising the bar to match the rest of the world as far as hours of training goes? Would hate to be a student pilot should that happen... would hate to swallow that debt.


Though the trade off for more training and hours wouldn't hurt anyone.

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Better ******* not :( I might have to stay up on the rigs for longer than I thought, BTW, fixedwing may be done in 150 hours at the right school (mine is the only one in western canada to do this)- training a little more like helicopters, no private needed to start.


Cole B)

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Checked with the CI yesterday. We're having our new satellite base audited soon. I'll ask the auditor when he/she comes by...


Keep in mind we are an oddity in Canada. Perhaps Phil can confirm this, but I believe we are the only ICAO member that allows helicopter pilots to directly do their CPL(H) without first doing their PPL(H), thus the lower hours. If you look at FAA CPL(H) requirements, the only three differences from the Canadian CPL(H) are to have the PPL(H) , 100 hours PIC and night hours. Day VFR only is actually a restriction on the Canadian CPL(H) that doesn't exist for CPL(H) licenses elswhere... :huh:


We are "special"... :lol:

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