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Hatra Seminar?


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Does anyone know if there is a place that does study seminars for the HATRA exam? I know Pro IFR has IFR exam seminars, but couldn't find anything there or on other sites about HATRA seminars.


If I have to make due with the study guide in the TC site then so be it, but would be nice if there is other help and guidance out there for it. :unsure:


Thanks gang.

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I wrote the HATRA recently, and at the risk of sounding cocky (or nerdy) found it to be a bit of a let down. I studied for almost a month based on the horror stories my ATPL licenced FW buddies told be about their exams,(of course this isnt an ATPL exam, I didnt know anyone who had written it to ask for advice) only to find at least 10 questions on the 50 question exam were also on my CPL-H exam.


I used the Culhane's sample exam book (which your welcome to borrow next time your passing through YVR) but like most of culhanes work it does have some mistakes in it, so its not a bible.


As far as study material it was all the standard issue stuff, CARS out the a$$, AIP and the ACWM. as far as the section on icing I was going back to ramp exp and the course we took in college, but I would recomend picking up the TC printout they mention in the study ref. guide. "critical hold over times" or something like that. there was 2 or 3 questions on my exam about fluid types and application temps.


any questions PM me,

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:) What tDawe said.....but i would recommend for study, Phil's (Croucher) Canadian Professional Pilot Studies......Culhane is to "stiff" and indirect on his points, Phil is a good author and makes the reading more interesting, direct, and to the point.........along with his warped sense of humour.... :rolleyes:
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