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Awesome Flight!


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Well we took the two helicoters from Fredericton down to Trenton NS to have there 50hr done. I flew into Moncton dual and another student followed us solo. We switched up in Moncton and I flew solo to Trenton following them. The plan was to do the same on the return to Fred. today.

I showed up at the airport this morning to fly back and to my surprise one helicopter was not finished of it's inspection. So my instructor tells me that I would be flying back to Fred alone !!! :shock: :shock:

This would be my 2nd solo cross country including the one from yesturday. I was pretty darn nervous when I was departing Trenton but heck once I turned on-route it was no problem. I cruised at 1000' the hole way to Moncton fueled up and left for Fred. Watched the sun go down just when I was coming in to land. :D .

It was so great people just don't know what there missing. I think I did the right thing in the decision to do my training.


Thats my story Thanks Dan

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