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How To Get Rid Of Contrail?


How To Get Rid Of Contrail  

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We all know that helicopter pilots in particular push weather horribly and will use any excuse for ‘giving it a try to see what happens’.


well, john... i do give you credit for coming here and having the cojones to state your point of view and defend it, if you so wish..


but heli drivers have pushed in the past, the same as f/w drivers, and bus drivers, and camel drivers...


i'm sensing a little fling wing envy here and i hope you'll take the time to explore the boards and see just how professional these guys are!!


welcome to the site!! B)

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Well John Moore, if you PM me I'll be more than happy to give you the names of THREE very large companies listed on the NYSE and the TSX who DID NOT work with Contrail in anyway whatsoever......and one of them has George W. Bush as a part owner. They are three that I have personal and factual knowledge of and the parties involved that you may call or write. Since you appear to have some knowledge yourself from the "inner sanctum' so to speak, perhaps you will share with me also where it is that you do your flying and for whom. I've posed some situations here already and perhaps you could also explain how those situations can be resolved using the New Standards? That would at least give a particular chap of some importance at a gas company office in Calgary someone to confer with and his assistant onsite in Ft. Nelson, BC. also.............because right now they need answers badly.


Perhaps you could define for us all what you consider "pushing weather". I can only assume from your post that you consider "pushing weather" to be any IFR approach attempted where the ceiling is LESS than 500'........or that ANYTHING less than 350' and 5 miles vis is also "pushing weather". I've been in this business 40 years on both the F/W and the R/W side and have left no trail of twisted metal or wreckage behind me. I ain't no "god's gift to aviation" either and am just another professional like a host of others here and other places trying to do an honest day's work for an honest buck. So careful where and who you use that "****** paint brush" on because you slam the reputations and "professionalism" of the vast majority of my peers, both present and past. Also take note that there is an equal representation of the FEW you describe in BOTH the F/W and the R/W worlds. The NTSB Accident Reports and my experience in the F/W world confirm that. IF perchance, you happen to come from the F/W world only, then you are outta your league here and better learn what God gave man TWO ears and ONE mouth for. If I am wrong in that regard then you have my apologies for that comment in advance.

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Hmmmmmmmmmm.... if you actually read the "Standards" you will see that inexperienced pilots are not allowed to fly any of these companies.


Therein lies the biggest problem... the O&G E&P industry actually hold one of the last areas of work where a low time pilot can "SAFELY" enter the industry and build his/her experience and polish their skills.


It's not as if flying across flat terrain with multitudes of emergency landing sites is a great challenge (minus a few weather cancellations)..


Pilot minimums should read more along the line of: "Having been given dual controlled instruction with one or more landings at each site and approved by a company check pilot."


If they want special requirements for the Houston and Calgary egos, then that can be written in separately.


It seems as some people get older thay forget how they got into this industry and the skill that they brought to the table when they started their careers.


It is a shame.





What about the operators that swing the valves for the gas companies. Haven't any of you out there seen whats happening now in the fields. There are a lot of green guys out there. I don't see them having restrictions like us pilots! Makes you wonder if some of them know what they are doing. Whatever you do don't park too close to those valves, he might just blow himself and you together. I once saw a green guy take about 20 minutes to figure which one to open once. I wonder who is in more danger out there us or them.

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"No longer will pilots depart in marginal weather only to return and present the customer with a bill for aimlessly flying about. We all know that helicopter pilots in particular push weather horribly and will use any excuse for ‘giving it a try to see what happens’."


Dream on, JM! In my experience it's the customers that want you to try when you can't see the end of the runway (Rainbow Lake, 2003, etc). I used to get into a lot of trouble because I refused to start the machine in a pointless exercise.


You've obviously never heard of all those Beaver accidents in poor weather. I could equally say that "beaver pilots in particular push weather horribly and will use any excuse for ‘giving it a try to see what happens’." As both a Beaver and a helicopter pilot I find that rather insulting.


In addition, any overcharging is usually done through normal operations - how often have I seen .3 billed for just starting the machine and flying .1?



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I'll retire from the subject at this point because I'm starting to repeat myself. I'll only add in closing that I KNOW what I see and experience and what others onsite from the companies tell me. If it all works out somehow and I have to do less flying for the same money, then I'm all for getting the same money for less work. If I have a broken or scattered ceiling of 300', then a ceiling is a ceiling and I'll role over in bed and sleep til 8AM, get up and have a late breakfast. When I approach about 30 hours in a week, I'll "advance warn" my company that we need to "double crew" soon because in another 10 I'm "persona non grata" and it then becomes a problem for the gas company and my company. When the Operators who are on a 2/2 can't get out on the F/W because of the new rules, then I'll either watch them quit or get payed overtime and they now get $35-$55/hour on average, so double-time will cause some consternation someplace.......OR they'll have nobody to pay double-time to because they quit anyway. Hire new ones to replace them? They need 10 bodies badly right NOW and can't find them at ANY price, anywhere.


So I'll earn the same money for less work, have excellent food and accomodations and become a spectator more often. Should be "interesting" what I see amd hear. **** of a deal! :lol: :up:



OFF SUBJECT: Albert Ross....it is good to read that you are alive. I understood that there was a horrible accident over there where a Jetranger broke up in the sky and killed both onboard......and you gotta know what I was nervous about, so thanks for "popping-up" again 'ol fart. :up:

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Albert Ross ------Alrighty then....you are now "pigeon-holed". I'll now file you under the heading of "Only the Good Die Young". Stay well 'ol fart, Happy New Year and I'd give my right arm to hoist a few with you that close to the hills of my ancestors. I figure about 6 fingers of the "Single" with unpolluted ice would do for starters.........free or not. :lol::lol: By the way, don't be a stranger and pay a visit sometime soon.

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