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If You Missed It Before- Greatest Ever Heli Is On Again


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I tuned in to discovery channel early,,,,, they had a marathon of best ever episodes,,,, one on tanks, fighters, beer, bombers, best ever sport cars,,,, etc…

-how were the shows ?? Example of one,,,,,

after watching the one on ‘best ever sports cars’,,, It was all serious and interesting ….. Then someone decided to have a Mazda Miata in the top ten ;) and it came in second place!! ? It beat Ferrari, Corvette etc…..…?

- What does this have to do with helicopters?

The air crane was impressive -to see fire fighting and emptying out peoples swimming pools so they can put out the fires… The empty CH-47 vertical climb at 2000 feet/min,,,, another of my favorites was the UH-1 segment.... they had Vietnam vets that crewed on a UH1 including the door gunner ...reunited ..then they all went for a flight. That was emotional. The Apache is impressive. The Mi26 its huge and unreal, The R-22 was cute. A good one to see on Discovery is the Helicopter episode on one of the Frontiers of Construction shows.

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If my memory is not totally gone you live in Colorado ?


I don't know how close you live to Gateway , Colorado ?


The Gateway Colorado Auto Museum just opened last year


Their signature car is a Olds F88 concept car from the 50's they paid

3 million dollars for at last years Barrett / Jackson car auction.


Who you say would pay this much for a 50 yr old car , or what this has

to do with this thread............


The man is John S Hendricks, founder of the Discovery Channel :stupid:


Go check it out and demand to see the owner, then rap his knuckles and

demand your tv.


You might get a digitial mastered copy :up: :up:

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Totally amazes me what you fellers know sometimes. :D How 'bout that, PedalJam! :up:


I'm 4.5 hours through the most gorgeous (and treacherous this time of year) mountain passes from Gateway, which is on Colorado's Western Slope—on the edge of the Uncompahgre Plateau. I actually went on a dinosaur/fossil dig over there once!


I'm impressed you knew all that! The odds of Mr. Hendricks physically being at the auto museum are like zero, but that's a route I wouldn't have thought of in a million years! Next time I have to go to Grand Junction, I'll just drop down and shoot that 'ol F88 for ya! B)


In the meantime, I'll just wait...somehow I WILL add that episode of the Greatest Ever to my heli flick collection! :rolleyes:


(The thought of a digitally mastered copy makes me wanna initiate a letter-writing campaign however! Drool! :P)


Yer funny, PedalJam! I get in enough trouble as it is. Ha!

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thought the jet ranger would have been a little higher up...although im not a big fan of the jetbox...theres no denying that everyone out there has got some time in one at sometime in there career. two types i thought were missing...the 214 with its huge stove an paddles(it seems to have a certain mystic to it when ever one shows up at a campain fire.)...only have a few hrs on but wow...it sure is impressive if your in the circuit bucketing with it....that thing is a water moving machine...itll do circles around the s61....also the hu500...my absolute favourite...theres not a helicopter out there that ive flown that fits more like a glove....so much fun!! most of my hrs are in the 500....loved every single one.

dont want to ruin it for tqn...but the number one spot was well deserved...and is also a pleasure to fly.

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