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If You Missed It Before- Greatest Ever Heli Is On Again


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Well, Helimat...these were all military choppers...so no Robinsons. I hesitate to list them, but I will for those who don't get the Military Channel. :) They tested, evaluated and graded the helis using 5 key factors: innovation, service length, survivability, versatility and fear factor.


10. OH-13 Sioux

9. Focke Achgelis 223 (Hitler's Pet Dragon)

8. Lynx (UK)

7. CH-47 Chinook

6. MI-24 Hind (The Crocodile)

5. OH-6 Cayuse

4. AH-1 Cobra

3. UH-1 Iriquois (Huey) :punk:

2. UH-60 Blackhawk

1. AH-64D Apache Longbow


It's a great program, and even though I've listed them, there's much good stuff to see because they get into manufacturer, type, weight/length, powerplant (engines), carrying capacity, armament and max cruise speed...not to mention handling and personality/characteristics of the machines. It was very interesting. B) Catch it if you can!


I'm assuming, then, that the Greatest Ever Helis program is more on the commercial side, yes? D*mn. Now I'm back to square one looking for that show again. :rolleyes: Aw, well...eventually!

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First clue that I had the wrong program: All military machines (Duh! It's the Military Channel! :D) and I remembered someone previously mentioning the top-ten list included a 206 and a Lama.


Second clue: Narrators were all dudded up in suits and ties or flight jackets but no starched Verticalmag shirt and no one named Mike. <_<


Third clue: When Huey came in #3. I remembered it was #1 on the show I was really looking for. :)


Anyhoo, was still a good watch. ;) I'll just keep on waitin' and watchin' for The Greatest Ever: Helicopters. :rolleyes:

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