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New York News Astar Accident Report Released

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Hyd off training every spring, heaps of landings( from a hover), hovering, q-stops, pedal turns, even an auto hyd off. The company initial training was very extensive.


I had an auctal failure 2 summers upon deparutre comming of a ridge at 4000. Isolated, turned around and landed in same spot.


With the right training it is not that big of a deal

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I totaly agree with jfk on this one. Have done literaly hundreds of failures on this type of aircraft. With the proper training and staying current it really is no big deal with a Hyd. failure. I allso have had a real failure while just coming to a hover with a 120 foot longline to pick up a load. Released the long line got some forward airspeed and landed a few minutes later with no problem.

The main thing is training,staying current and understanding the Hyd. system


Fly safe all and have fun.Mini :up: :up:

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this statement says it all to me,


"According to the AS-350BA flight manual, to reduce pilot workload, the flight controls were hydraulically boosted in order to give very light control load on the cyclic stick, collective lever, and tail rotor pedals"


the 350 is capable of flying with no hydraulics, you just going to work those weak girly arms harder.

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I had a hydraulic failure in an Astar (almost 20 years ago now) The shaft sheared between the pump and the pulley. The horn sounded of coarse (scared the poop out of me, but thats what it's supposed to do, get your attention) I was in the middle of nowhere, about 20 miles from camp so flew back using the nitrogen accumulators, being as careful as I could not cycle the controls to prolong the nitrogen, but eventually it ran out so I had to arm strong (with my girly man arms) it the last while. I set up a long controlled approach to a spot in camp and all ended well. Training paid off.

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