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Bad Helicopter Season

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Hey firehawk and 407 dude

You guys kill me, I know I suck, because I'm so vain that I usually ask anyone I'm longlining with "how do I look" and unfortunately they usually tell me!

As for the 3/4 inch pipe 407 saw me getting. I had it manufactured into a 150ft snorkel so I could still breath, while reading his posts.The BS is piling pretty darn high these days.

But hey, thanks for the ego massage.10.gif

Gotta run and get in line for my new Harry Potter book.

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Regarding fires, we got one on the island now, in Terra Nova, close to the park. 3 tankers and two helicopters, 1 canadian and one universal. Now I''m just waiting for the call to go down there in my Schweizer and the 5 gallon bucket . But to get back to seriousness, its pouring down right now, so I guess that would be it for the fire...
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Smoke forces village airlift

Forest fires near isolated reserve

Half of evacuees are children

Nicolaas Van Rijn

Staff reporter
Jun. 23, 2003. 04:13 AM

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More than 800 residents — half of them children — have been moved from their homes on an isolated Indian reserve in Northern Ontario after a huge forest fire approached within a kilometre of their community


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Jun. 24, 2003. 08:42 PM


Forest fires costing Ontario $2 million a day



Forest fires raging throughout Ontario, forcing the evacuations of communities and disrupting rail service, are costing the Ontario government $2 million a day, the Ministry of Natural Resources says.

... ... ...

All of the ministry's water bombers, supported by 13 water bombers from outside the province, are in operation, along with 92 helicopters.

... ... ...


Full story:


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Wed, 25 Jun 2003 7:28:21


Forest fires threaten to overwhelm crews

TORONTO - Summer has barely begun, but it's already a bad one for forest fires across Canada.

Fire crews are battling flames in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, but the hardest hit area is in northern Ontario.

Fires there have tripled in size since the weekend and about 1,000 people have been forced from their homes.

Dozens of fires are burning in northwestern Ontario, advancing at close to 30 meters per minute. The fires cover an area one-third the size of Prince Edward Island.


Full story:


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