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Calibration Of Precision Measuring Equipment

Guest Bullet Remington

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Rilpa's little avionics shop does them as well,sait has a digital calibrator,that I mentioned that they market as a fund raising device( as they were looking for ideas,fell on deaf ears),Abitibi does them also,you would thind going to a grocery store,buying a pound of???(their scales are verified by weights and measures) and making a bar up with 12" notchs etc and self calibrating,(self testing works with the breathalyzer I hear) you don't have to be 100% accurate so why not..

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Guest Bullet Remington
i think the cost of calibrating equipment is a cost of doing business. and yes i agree that the price is too high. Since you know the cost yearly of calibrating your equipment, it's no big task to work it into your billing.



Perfect Track::


I've heard that comments so many times, and so many different definitions that I jsut shake me head everytime someone says something like that! (No insult meant with these comments by the way)


Cost of fuel = cost of doing business. Nope, anybody ever heard the term, "Hedging"


Cost of parts = cost of doing business. Anybody know the definition of negogiating? Purchase agreements??


Cost of Pilot and/or Engineer wages = the cost of doing business! See negogiating in the above. Etc, ect, etc.


Nothing is carved in stone. If it is I'll break the GD stone and we'll build a new one! However, in this case, the company refuses to negogiate, or talk with me concerning this issue, so I said, Screw this, they can go fornicate themselves, I'll do it myself. There, stone broken.


As for "building" it into the billing, I don't do that. The price I write and SIGN with the customer, is what is paid, period! I don't finance the customer's aircraft, maintenace, I don't expect them to finance mine.


Been off on my quotes and agreements, once and lost money. I haven't done it since!


We get all ours done at Airborne Precision Instruments in Calgary once a year. We also don't use a new tool until it's calibrated. I'm not sure what the cost is but I haven't heard any complaining from "the guy who signs the checks yet"!

Transport Canada allows you to go up to 24 months interval but the safety consultants that come visit us don't seem to like that, so 12 months it is!




Are those voices in my head distracting you?? ;)


Since I sign the checks in my company, I reserve the right to complain!! :D I wasn't aware that Airborne Precision did cals. ****, I don't even know where they are!


Hove a great Season, folks.


Feel free to disagree with my position, also feel free to offer suggestions...other then anything requiring me to perform self gratification on my self, that tool is NOt proportional!! :shock:


Oh and Skywrench. Pm recieved, ...Check yer PM's, Sir! :punk:

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Rilpa's little avionics shop does them as well,


Airborne IS Rilpa's little avionics shop. They're in Calgary. Call Kim or Peter at 275 3035 and they'll answer your questions. They do all our stuff once a year within a week or less including shipping time.

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Guest Bullet Remington



Thanks, I did not know that Ripla did cals. Preshae the HU.




I am most fortunate. I went through the ance of the seven sphincters with Transport until I got PO'd and threatened to go to Ottawa unless I was assigned an Inspector that had some CDF about maintenace. After that, an New PMI was assigned and, since we both know each other's history quite well, we get along great.


I have an open door policy with my PMI. He's welcome in my facility at any time for any reason. In fact it was his recommendation for calibrating the Diff Tester that I use.


I also have a couple of those big ugly RCAF Cable Tensiometers wit their own test strips attached. Those have been approved as well.


That Amodo ain't half bad fer a youngster. He's a stinker er, I mean thinker that fella!! ;)


Thanks for all the comments/suggestions folks. Its greatly preshaded!! :up:

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Guest Bullet Remington



Thx, most kindly. I see if I can crawel over that way and find out what they're doing.


I'm about due for a trip over to Sprinkbank anyway!

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