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Chief Pilot Wages

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Well boys,


That was my old position. I gave DPX the inside details (PM) on salary. There is more to life than money. Job satisfaction is number one. If you all can't figure out what a CP makes, well...its a fair wage with good days and bad days! I will really miss the summer holidays, but onward to other pastures!


Later, and Good Luck there D!

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Guest Bullet Remington

Was it J More that posted $75,000.00 a year? Man that's low! Or I believe its low. Being a wrenchbender, the old thing I can state with certainy about pilots is that they kkep breaking my machines! <_<


I've been a DOM at several companies, one flingwing and 4 planks companies. I can honestly state that there is no way in God's green earth that I'd ever take the position again, UNLESS I was making over $85,000.00 plus benefits and various other considerations. And, I'd get evrything in writing. (Good post 412!)


As for basing the salary on a hourly basis, use 2,200 hours per year. That's what every other job is based upon. :down:


To be quite honest, I'm at that stage where I doubt I'd ever take another Management job. I'm in the Heavy Plank world right now, I don't turn wrenches, I don't supervise, and I don't do road trips, I don't even have to touch an aircraft, and my hourly salary is $36.00 ph. Plus, no stress, and they pay me to argue with Lessors!!


Life is good! :up:


Good Luck with the talks, D!




You are farting against a Thunderstorm, when you infer that Jetbox knows naught of what he speaks.


Obviously, you don't know him, where he's employed nor what he does.


Not trying to be insultuous to you, just pointing out the fact that Jetbox has a considerable amount of experience and is well versed in the heli business...including the management of such.

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Interesting thread....short of the school yard yapping. Your question is a fair one dpxh......the job is worth, exactly what "you" think it's worth.....i am sure you had a number in mind, what about your predesessor? What was the company paying then? I spent the better part of my 30 years in management, there are good points and bad, that are to numerous to list. But it is something everyone, that gets the opportunity, should experience. Having said that (like 412D said), been there, done that.......and right now the life as a contract guy is excellent. Variety, good pay, lot's of time off......and not being stuck in the middle, listening to whinney flight crew or bitchy owners....each complaining about the other :wacko:


Good luck in your endevour.... ;)

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Thanks for the heads up. To be honest it does not really matter how much experience someone has...I was responding to his remarks. Like mentioned earlier..it is an open thread and anyone is allowed to express their views.


Just so I understand as I am fairly new here, one should not question a remark then if it is made by someone with a vast amount of time in the business?


I am not nor have I ever been a CP. I do however have a pretty good idea of what one makes...keeping in mind of course there are many variables that determine ones wage, so I apologize if I insinuated that Jetbox was not in the know..just curious why he would have no idea. Seems a little odd.

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Hey Plinko I guess I neglected to mention in my initial post that although everyone is allowed to express their opinion, thats only providing it doesnt conflict with an opinion of a member of the old boys club we have here <_<

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Jetbox if you want my opinion there is no set number, there are to many variable's involved and unless all the facts about his particular situation are known then a person cannot throw out numbers. The information and knowledge about cp wages a person might have has nothing to do with total hours, which was what i initially had a problem with. Although Im sure you picked up on the point I was trying to make as you have alot of hours therefore dont miss stuff like that. :D

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