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Emil Lupien

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Emile wasn't quite at the mandatory retirement age yet, a few were ahead of him there.


I heard from the Vancouver CHI office today, they had a huge turn out for the "send off" at 4391 Agar Drive. Had four aircraft do a fly-by and had over 500 people turn out for the memorial in the old hangar.


He was a wonderful friend and will be missed by all of us.


I remember a story from a while back where, one weekend, someone found a frog in the field where ACRO is now. The little amphibian was dry, hot and seemed near death. One of the engineers in the hangar put it into the sink in the washroom with a bit of water to cool off. A young apprentice went in to check on it and came back to the hangar and yelled "I don't see that F'n frog anywhere" unfortunately, just as Emile walked through the door. The poor apprentice wasn't exactly the golden boy for the remainder of his Okanagan days.


On a happy note, Emile's last evening out at the pub with the boys was said to have been a very good one. He was overheard as saying that he hadn't had so much fun in a long time. We can only pray to have such luck and such a wonderful group of friends when our time comes.12.gif


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I hadn''t checked in here for a while and didn''t really need to see this. **** shame! I go way back with this ''dude''. The old Autair crowd is really starting to get thin. I hope that two guys by the last names of Wayte and Pearson knew about this. So long ''ol bud''.

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Thanks for that info Biggles. If Freddy knows, then Pearson should know. If all the ''characters'' that were friends of Lupey show up for the funeral, then it should be some kind of ''gathering''. Only thing missing from that ''gathering'' will be him singing ''North Atlantic Squadron'', including all the good verses.

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Lord, yes, cap. ''Twas on the good ship Venus, my Gawd ya shoulda seen us.'' ''Twon''t be the same, without Lupey. The old swashbuckler must have been about your vintage, cap. He looks a mite older in the picture than when I saw him last, though. Not a single bad memory of the dear soul. He''ll be welcomed at the Gates, for sure!

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Downwash ----- Lupey was ''senior'' to me, as was Pearson. They date from ''55''s on RCN Carriers. Blackmac would come in about Lupey''s time at Autair in St. Jean, PQ. He''d have some good and funny history on Lupey. I''ve been awaiting his contribution.

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