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Ec120, What Do We Need To Know?

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not me...i have my feet up, coffee brewing, but the other guys...whew they're running circles around me. :punk:


It does look pretty sharp I might say. I'm **** glad there are alot of folks out there who are creative in their paint schemes and colours and are making statements with the ships. No longer are the days where a couple stripes would be considered wild.

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We wanted a paint scheme that stood out from the crowd and that wouldn't be mistaken with anyone elses. I think it worked.


Either way, we like it and that's all that matters.


Give my regards to Denis Robitaille by the way.

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First time in on one of these. Flew the 120 moving drills in the winter on with a left hand bubble window. Had to use 100 foot to see the load due to skid low on the right hand side. Much easier to see with out the right with door off ( bit colder though!) which is where the bubble should have been. Learning curve for designer of window. Was late March/early April in the low arctic. With 20% fuel or slightly less, dragged off a 1450lb load (and the driller asked for more - no surprise there). Can bit a bit twitchy in the high hover even with a light wind though it will find its sweet spot. During a move in the summer it was a grunt with 40% fuel to lift 850 lbs. Under bladed for the warmer months.

VEMD has gremlins (or did). Showed an over speed of 453rpm on a start, lift and set a load, land. Also, same scenario, one time showed an overtorque lifting a 200 lb box on the line. Other times cuts out 1 lane. Fussy to get a power check on the one I fly as it thinks air is left on - too sensitive? (Not me - the machine!) Out of the box the heater blows cold air very well. They have a retro fit (I was piloting some of the test flights) heater and now instead of it being cold during the winter it is cold and noisy. Great on a cold winter day flying in to the sun though - the big window lets in the heat really nicely. Great all-round vis. Good crash seats - CC and I should know. It quit on a routine circuit to a large confined area 80 feet over the trees. Bled off to make the road and hit hard and level. A few parts left the scene but the seats held up well.

Quiet in flight, shakes and shudders a little - normal. Very comfortable. All previous comments about cracking and some debonding are true. Window badly designedfor replacement. If you run the numbers and put on full fuel you wil only get 2 winter weight guys legally.

Has its good and bad, like all the rest.


Hope that helps


PS - Hurler or who ever may be what he is but it is uncool to post shots.

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If you run the numbers and put on full fuel you wil only get 2 winter weight guys legally.



Thanks for the info. Nice to hear that the 120 has a good "crash survivability"


You must be flying a heavy EC120 if you can only get two winter weight guys in there legally. Ours is 2280 lbs with hook etc. Pilot 220lbs, Full Fuel 700lbs, two fat passengers at 200lbs and we have 180lbs to spare.


I have heard that others have an empty weight of 2400 plus. I can't imagine what the new RCMP Air one weighs with all the gizmos. 2900lbs??? Doesn't leave much for fuel and doughnuts.


Who makes the bubble window? That would be a nice thing to have for those rainy days here in Vancovuer.




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It was Arctic Sunwest who paid for the bubble. A DAR out of Smithers ... I think. Needs to be on the right though. Ours weighs about the same but the 180 lbs is eaten up by 75 lbs for refuel gear and survival kit, gives you maybe 110 left. Really not much better than a 206 - old A converts might do even better than the 120. I am talking legally. The 120 is faster and I never get 206 butt.

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